We have 4 outstanding young men in our small ward in Liberty, Texas that have been called to serve a mission. It will be fun to have our ward family follow their experiences through this blog. Elder Clegg left July 20,2011 for the Idaho, Pocatello mission, Elder Waddell left July 27, 2011 for the Alaska, Anchorage Spanish speaking mission, Elder Escobar left in August for the Massachusetts, Boston mission, and Elder Tellez left September 14, 2011 for the Mexico, Veracruz Spanish speaking mission. We are so very excited that these fine young men have chosen to serve the Lord.

Click on the dearelder link below for a great way to write our missionaries!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Trinity doesn't get to use his Spanish much in the area where he is assigned, but is supposed to keep up with his language study daily. Here he is practicing a lesson with us during his skype call home on Christmas day. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Elder Tellez 12-19-11

As always gracias por the emails.

I am still alive as you can tell. How is life up there?

Gramma: Thank you for the pics and the spanish, haha, I understood all of it. We don't have a christmas tree and the house just looks normal. We don't really want to decorate and don't really have the money. The weather has been the same here as it has been up there, hot, hot, hotttttt. Yesterday was a little cool, but I was still sweating like crazy. The Ruckers are still in my prayers. I hope you are doing well. That is funny that Zach calls you Gramma, haha, he is practically family. I could teach him the missionary lessons and get him baptized, haha. No, but the missionaries over there should do something like that, have family home evening at our house, invite the missionaries and Zach. Have the missionaries teach the lesson and let them know that you will have a non-member there so that they can prepare something good. Also have some refreshments and maybe a game. Then the following week, if he likes it, invite him again when you have FHE at the Conner's and if the missionaries are good (haha) they will talk to him and see if they can visit him to teach him, maybe even in our house, that might be better. That would also help the missionaries out by giving them lessons with members. Having Josh or somebody in the family sharing a testimony about their love for the church and how it is true will help as well. Also, invite him to church, Josh should do that. That is good,.... Oh, I didn't get that package this month, maybe in January. But I did get the checks, but I can't cash them here because "they are not authorized to do it". I have to wait until I go to Veracruz, which is in 2 weeks. I love ya, gramma.

Momma, I will be calling saturday at 6 or 6:30. I sent that email again, in hopes that you will get it and also hope that I don't get in trouble for sending two emails at the same time. Thank you for the pics. All is well here. We didn't have a baptism this week, but we might have one this coming saturday. I really want one more before the year ends, 6 is our goal for this month. I got that dearelder you sent and said to tell you when I got it, haha. I only get letters and packages once a month, so if you send me something now, I'm sure I'll get it in January. Did you send that message that I told you to send to that elder? I have something else for you to send to him as well.

To mark.coleman@myldsmail.net : So, I talked to Elder Herron, and he doesn't even know his email address, but he said it might be michael.herron@myldsmail.net. It makes sense haha. Take care bro.

Gracias momma. Well time to close my email. I love you all. ¡Feliz Navidad!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Elder Waddell 12/19/11

Bear Sausage

Michael's Baptism

Hey! I'm sorry here to hear about Grandma. But I'm glad you guys got to go visit family. Yeah we got transfer calls Saturday morning from President Beesley and Elder Dean is going to Whitehorse Canada.... lucky haha. I'm staying and Elder Satini from Tonga is taking his place here. So it's pretty exciting. It's a tough move for Elder Dean but he gets to go to another awesome place so I think that balances it out for him. For the Skype I should be able to and it's supposed to be just family and maybe some extended family but we're not supposed to take forever with it especially since we'll be using some members computer on Christmas day. But yeah I'm super excited for that.  I haven't opened the boxes yet. I'm waiting until Christmas. So yeah it's pretty exciting here. It was my senior week last week so I did senior companion stuff which included driving. And it snowed a few inches one of the days and I've never driven on snow, so that was pretty fun. We went all the way out south of the island and the last few miles aren't paved and there are thousands of potholes so that was fun to drive in the snow with. But it started raining again and most of it got washed away pretty darn fast.  I don't know if you got in the email before but before I leave this area it would be nice to have some missionary business cards to give to people and I have no way of getting a hold of such a thing. Hmmm yeah this week has been crazy mainly because we weren't sure what was going to happen with transfers. So the work seemed slower this week. Except on Saturday Michael Jensen got baptized and his Grandma Valree who is investigating came and is talking about baptism so that was really good. But now it's time to wait for my new companion and help the transition for when I leave next transfer. All is well in Zion.

       Elder Waddell 
Elder Everett Escobar 12/14/2011
I hope everything is going well, I will be sending ya'll a letter sometime this week.

Here are my thoughts from Mom's assigned scriptures; "As missionaries the Lord gives us the strength to carry on and perform His work. It is through God's mercy that enables us to work and bring mighty miracles among the children of men. Heavenly Father works through us, it's never us alone and it is for that very reason that all of the glory goes to God. And although through our strivings we may suffer pains and afflictions, the results of our hardships will far outweigh our sufferings."
Elder Yim is getting transferred to Connecticut and I'm staying with Elder Huntsman for the time being, and I will be training him. Elder Yim has been packing his stuff, he's leaving tomorrow, we have been taking a lot of pictures this past week. By the way, I received the package labeled: 'From: Liberty Ward' I loved it. Many thank you's to all of those whom put it together. The Christmas Party at Liberty Ward sounded fun and yes I would like to see video that Sister Tellez got from it. This past week was really busy, lots of walking, talking, and teaching. And it's chilly! Especially when we have to walk over the several bridges that go over the bay. This week was fun though, I enjoyed it. It's not really snowing yet surprisingly, although it's been more than cold enough to snow. Some of the local ponds and part of the Charles River is starting to freeze though. I've only had one minor headache so far this week! (: As for phone calls home, we are recommended to call Christmas Day in the afternoon or evening. Now I'm wondering what time would be good for all of you (my bros, parents, and grandparents), because we are as of right now free all day, except for 6-7pm (Boston time) because we have a dinner with one of the counselors in the bishopric. So just tell me a time or if you want me to pick a time, that will be okay too, I will be able to tell you more about our schedule on Monday through e-mail. I want a "White Christmas" that would be cool, oh and our Zone is Christmas caroling all through the month so that ought to be fun. Okay time to send you pic!
Love ya'll so much,
Elder Everett Alan Escobar
Elder Escobar  12/5/2011
Hello mi familia,
I'm glad that everything is okay back home (although it could be better), wow too many people are getting prego (pregnant). The Christmas Devotional was awesome I enjoyed it. The person who played the part of 'Joseph' in the Nativity Video that they showed is a member here in Boston, he goes to one of the Singles Wards. Everything is going great here, as of right now it is not snowing but I'm pretty sure that it will be soon. We have another elder added into the fam this week. Elder Huntsman is from Atascocita/San Antonio, Texas and will be serving in Russia but he's waiting on his visa. This week was interesting, we had a lot of people curse at us, shouting at us, striving to bash with us, but towards the end we saw some miracles. We gained a new investigator, Jason Sandler. We have 2 Progressing Investigators, Matthew Teal and Jason Sandler, both of which are golden. Basically if they don't get baptized it will be completely our fault, because you can just tell that the Lord has just been preparing them throughout their lives. They are really amazing! I'm loving it. Oh and I did read those chapters in Alma, I wrote down my thoughts but I forgot to bring my journal, so I will write my thoughts to you about those chapters next week. By the way, I keep having a strong feeling that I need to get in contact a former classmate of mine.  I feel like she needs some help and I haven't heard from her in a while, so if you could do that and get her info to me as soon as possible that would be greatly appreciated, peas and thank you. Chris Battoo is from a country in the Middle-East (I can't remember how to spell or how to even say the country's name). In the pics that I sent you there is Sister Meier (short, white), Elder Ellis (black), David Johnston (glasses, no tag, was the ward mission leader), and Johnny Palmer (grey suit, brown hair, looks like a politician, he is the ward mission leader). Anyways, Elder Huntsman will be here till probably mid-January. But yea everything is going great so far. Oh yea please pray for Chris, opposition from family/friends have spiked dramatically but so far he's hanging in there. And pray for Matt and Jason so that they can recognize the Spirit and gain answers to their prayers. We had a Zone Temple trip this week as well. We also went to the Museum of Science this morning and had a great time. By the way TRANSFERS are on Dec 15, we will know what is going to happen on Saturday so I will keep you tuned in and up to date. Christmas phone calls 'should be' a maximum of 40 minutes. Oh I also got the 2 packages and THANK YOU for everything. Elder Yim really enjoyed his package as well. 
Love you all very much, Best of wishes,
Elder Everett Alan Escobar

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Elder Tellez 12-12-11

Hello again.
I wrote you last week mama. The letter with all of the pictures. We had a baptism last week, I sent the pics, Marcos baptized Jesus. I baptized 2 this week and Elder Lastra baptized one. I baptized Alejandro y Aurora, a couple and Elder Lastra baptized Fransisca, a lady (possibly crazy, no se). So, all in all, I have 5 baptism!! But why stop there, haha. It is incredibly hot, I still sweat soo much. I love Mexico, it is great. Who are the 6 pregnant hermanas in the barrio (sisters in the ward)? We go to Veracruz on miercoles to go to the temple and have a conference, I also think I will eat McDonald´s or Carl´s Jr., ahhhh it will be so nice to taste a burger or chicken sandwich. We do have a little burger and malt shop, it is pretty good. President Maza (branch president) and his brother took us (Elder Lastra, me, Elder Wilhelm (district leader) and Elder Hernandez) there Thursday night because Elder Wilhelm needed to eat because he just came back from the hospital. Oh I think I forgot to tell you that it is just us (Elder Lastra and me) that live in the house. E. Wilhelm y E. Hernandez are from Santiago. I like President Maza, he reminds me of Brother Escobar. Actually this branch reminds me alot of Liberty Ward. It is crazy that is just a branch, there are like 150 members (thanks to the missionaries). But that is how they do it in this area. Right now we are in San Andreas for a Zone activity, we just played soccer, haha. Oh, we will most likely have another baptism this Saturday as well. So, get ready for more pics. Enough about me, how is everybody? I love you mama. Thank you for the pics.

Gramma, gracias por su email. I'm sorry that I don't write you much, I'm given a very little bit of time and this email is for everyone. I really do feel bad :(( See, the frowny face explains how I feel, haha. But I really am sorry. It is also really hard to think of things to write, I'm a person of a few words. So, how was sleeping in your own bed Friday and Saturday night? Did you go to church? I miss you. I plan on sending pics every week. How are you feeling? Is everything good in your life. I will try to write you more.

Oh, mama, can you send the following to this address - mark.coleman@myldsmail.net : Hey man!! No, I'm sorry. I don't have Elder Herron's email address, but I might see him this thursday. How is it going? Are you learning spanish like crazy? Is you companion hispanic? My companion is Elder Lastra, he is from Mexico. He is really cool. He speaks a little english. But for the most part, we just speak in spanish. Pues, keep in touch bro. -Elder Téllez (the greatest companion you had in the MTC, haha)

Thank you mama. Well time for me to fly. Send my love to everyone. Nos vemos.

Monday, December 5, 2011

12-5-11 Zone Conference in Juneau

Hey. Well zone conference was this week. We missed our flight Wednesday morning because we were slightly too lax and missed the ferry. So we got a later plane trip and when we got on the plane there were "mechanical problems" so it took forever to get going. Then it was an island hopper so we went to Sitka and we had a pretty rough landing cause the weather was so bad and windy. So they cancelled the flight to Juneau....surprise... so we went to Anchorage for the night and had to leave early in the morning to fly to Juneau. So we got there and immediately had the 8 hours of Zone Conference. It was fun. We got to meet people from the rest of the areas here. Our district is us, POW, Petersburg and Wrangell so we got to be with them. Then the others were Juneau and Sitka and Hoonah and Whitehorse in the Yukon ha. So it was cool being with other missionaries. And we learned a lot about how to teach the message of Christmas. We all had interviews with Pres. Beesley. He told me I might leave this transfer and If I don’t  I’m 100% for sure leaving the next one. Because my Spanish is about to go downhill fast if nothing happens to strengthen it. We're getting another Spanish speaker this transfer and the next and the next ha so he's looking to do something with us. So either way I'm going to go somewhere cold in the middle of winter. So I’ll have to get a jacket. Oh I got the two Christmas packages. But we haven't checked the mail since we've been gone so we'll see what's in there today. I didn't forget about your birthday haha you'll get at least a card :P  But you realize I have an hour for emails? I cannot write for an hour. That’s just one of those plain and simple facts of life elder Waddell cannot write about his week for an entire hour. Ha, so you can make emails as long and numerous as you want, because this is the only time in the week I consistently hear anything about what's going on back home from anybody. Anyone can email I just have to write the people who are family. So tell Emily, Megan, and D'nel to stop being lazy and shoot me an email. Well the work is still going strong here. If everything works out we'll have at least two more baptized by the end of the year. One of them was supposed to be this last Saturday but we weren't here. And we will hopefully have a few more in January. The people are awesome here and when I leave I'm going to miss it, probably a lot. But I really need to learn Spanish. So yeah everything is good over here so far. I hope Texas is still doing fine. All is well in Zion. Love you

             Elder Waddell