We have 4 outstanding young men in our small ward in Liberty, Texas that have been called to serve a mission. It will be fun to have our ward family follow their experiences through this blog. Elder Clegg left July 20,2011 for the Idaho, Pocatello mission, Elder Waddell left July 27, 2011 for the Alaska, Anchorage Spanish speaking mission, Elder Escobar left in August for the Massachusetts, Boston mission, and Elder Tellez left September 14, 2011 for the Mexico, Veracruz Spanish speaking mission. We are so very excited that these fine young men have chosen to serve the Lord.

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Trinity's letter 10-10-11

Hey! Yes my trainer is Elder Dean he's a great missionary and I heard a lot of good things about him even before I met him. And yes Ketchikan is awesome. It rains A LOT but other than that it's amazing. The people are awesome too. We have two baptismal dates set and like 6 or 7 other investigators and a few probably aren't too far from baptismal dates. We get plenty of referrals so we don't have to tract all too much except when things fall through. I still don't really enjoy tracting all too much especially when it's a windy rainy day.... which is most of them ha but it has its purpose I guess. Yesterday we taught a recent convert who only speaks Spanish and Brother Taylor who's pretty fluent and Hermana Sanchez who is a native were there and helped us. His name is Joel and he speaks too fast and jumbled and choppy for Hermana Sanchez a lot of times haha, we're always like "ai! mas despasio por favor!" ha but it was a good experience. Well it's normal missionary work now, knocking doors finding old investigators finding referrals and such. We have our first double dinner appointment Tuesday ha so that'll be good. Well congratulations to Emily, that’s pretty cool. I guess she hasn't been quite mean enough these past few years haha. bien hecho. Oh yeah our dryer doesn't work so I guess we hang dry or go do laundry at some members house....the missionaries we replaced didn't tell us anything. Oh pres and sis Beesley are coming down on the 26th for some special training. I think this mission is one of the most expensive because of housing and travel and such. There are so many "bush" areas that people have to go by boat to get to, it's awesome, ha, oh and how did you guess I was going to Ketchikan??? Annabeth and June have been here right? Oh yeah i do need something! I'm not sure on which computer but I know for sure the laptop I brought to college on ITunes has a church playlist and I need some music ha. Definitely the InsideOut Acappella "Reverence" CD. and then whatever other church and Motab you want to send but we need something for the car ha. Oh and i got a little letter from somebody that was on a thank you card and it didn't have a return address on it and I could not read the signature to save my life. If you could figure out who that was from that would be nice ha but that's not on the urgent list like the music ha. And well I’ll be praying for everyone and thanks for the messages! I'll send some letters today. All is well in Zion!

                        Elder Waddell

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