We have 4 outstanding young men in our small ward in Liberty, Texas that have been called to serve a mission. It will be fun to have our ward family follow their experiences through this blog. Elder Clegg left July 20,2011 for the Idaho, Pocatello mission, Elder Waddell left July 27, 2011 for the Alaska, Anchorage Spanish speaking mission, Elder Escobar left in August for the Massachusetts, Boston mission, and Elder Tellez left September 14, 2011 for the Mexico, Veracruz Spanish speaking mission. We are so very excited that these fine young men have chosen to serve the Lord.

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Elder Waddell 8-27-12

So transfers happened. I will be leaving on Tuesday
for Fairbanks 5th ward. I'm also training a new
missionary that I'll meet Tuesday morning. So that's kind of
exciting. It's weird because I didn't feel like I should be leaving
yet. And we now have someone who really seems like he'll progress but
I guess it's time for me to skidaddle for a few months. I'll probably
be back though. So I'm not too worried. I am a little worried because
we'll be whitewashing the area so I don't want to mess anything up
because they're doing good work up there right now. We'll see I guess.
I'm excited for the cold. So don't be surprised if a chunk of the
money on my card disappears. I'll need a coat. Hopefully I'll see
the northern lights and stuff. We'll see. I'm happy because we
finished our four transfers with the best week we've had last week.
And the best transfer I've had in my mission. So that's cool. I'm just
hoping I don't just fail with this new missionary. I'll give it my
all. Oh just a note to the girls they better send me lihing candies
when they get to school. Haha!  Things have been going really
well and I'm excited for the next set of adventures. Love you guys
Elder Waddell

Elder Tellez 8-27-12 Email

How is everyone doing? I'm good. This week, my companion and I were companions with one of the zone leaders, Elder LaBianca, because his companion, Elder Ursua, just ended his mission (he actually extended). We were his companion for one day, haha, now a youth is with him for the week until his new companion comes. Yup, transfers are next week. I will update ya'll next week. But more than likely I will stay here and my companion will leave. I'm about to get my 7th companion, WOW, haha. In the picture with missionaries in it, the man in the background with the suit is President Lopez the mission pres. He came to my district meeting with his assistants to see if I was doing a good job, haha, it went well. He gave me some productive criticism but for the most part he said it was an awesome class. We had a baptism yesterday. Her name is Lucero, she is awesome. She works at the restaurant of the ward mission leader. Now we are working with her 8 siblings. I recieved the money, ahhhhh what a blessing, thank you. Yeah about All Bran, it's ok, I love it and it was really cheap at Costco, haha. Well, time to end this lovely letter from the heart, haha. I love you all thhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss much........and more, haha.

Elder Tellez 8-20-12 Email

Hola familia mia. How is everyone? I hope good. I'm just swell, haha. So, it turns out another tropical storm or depression passed by this weekend. Like last week, nothing happened. I could buy shirts down here, they are cheaper. I just need money. Thank you for sending your talk, nice job, haha. I haven't spoken in a while, yesterday was missionary sunday, but my companion, the ward mission leader and the first counselor of the bishopric (there is no bishop but don't ask me why, haha) spoke. But I like it, I get to keep my peace, haha, remain silent. We have a baptism this week, Lucero, she is a worker at the restaurant of the ward mission leader. We might also baptize Patricia but she needs to get married. I actually have 35 baptisms but it's not really about numbers, haha. I hope all is well up there in Texas. I will call President Lopez to see if he has the money. I still have stomach problems but I guess i'm used to them that they don't bother me, haha. Anything new in the ward or stake? Anything new in Dayton or Liberty? Anything new in general? Time to go. Sorry I don't write much, but it comes from the heart. Until next week. I love you!!!!


Hey, my new companion is Elder Jensen! He is really cool. He is from Montana, he is the second of ten children. His family just moved to Sandy, Utah. He didn't like the MTC, haha. He likes football, ultimate frisbee, and anything outdoors. He is 19 years old and has done 2 years of college, he graduated a year early. He wants to become an engineer. How is school going for the boys? My burn on my arm is healing up pretty well, I am super tired. But I still feel happy. The missionary that baptized Caleb was Elder McQueen, one of his past missionaries (the missionary that I replaced). So yes I did teach Caleb. Training is different, but I can already tell that I have room for growth spiritually and that this will be learning process for both Elder Jensen and I. As of right now we don't really have any miles on our car so things are kind of tight, teaching-wise. We have been walking A LOT! Walking reminds me of my first area in Cambridge. Its so hard to believe that a year has gone by, ever since my 6 month mark, time has just come and gone like no one's business. As of right now I am just trying to sustain myself food wise for the rest of the month, so the money that grandma and grandpa sent is coming in handy. Please tell them 'thank you' and that 'I love them', for me if you haven't already. Everything is good here on the mission. So I believe that I did get that other package apparently (: So no need to worry. David is going to be a dad, changes just keep a rolling on by. Good for him. I will keep working and I love everyone of you very much, hope you have a great week, although it may be tiring.

Elder Everett Alan Escobar


This week has just chaotically zoomed right on by! Tendonitus: Eck! Seminary: Cool! Eagle Scout Project: Awesome! FBI Training: Interesting. (Is Dad switching over to the FBI or is he mustering in extra credentials for work?) Facebook Timeline?: What is that? I haven't been on Facebook at all. I didn't even know that Facebook had a timeline. I guess I'm out of the loop haha. So you wanted me to tell you all about my birthday, well other than district meeting, my burfday was kind of overlooked. I wanted it that way though. However, a lot happened on my birthday. First before I get ahead of myself, Tuesday I went on tours with the Zone Leaders. Then on Wednesday we had Zone Conference on Wednesday, which was nice. President Packard taught us more about working with the members in our wards. The next day, celebrated my birthday after district meeting and later, I got burned from a light bulb (as silly as that sounds). It hurt though, it was burning hot and melted off the top layer of skin on my arm. I'm pretty sure that a scar will result from that. The day after that we had a Ward Movie Night, we watched The Testaments and Brother Stabley (a less-active, that we have been working with) came so it was a success. Then finally on Saturday after a stressful morning we had the baptism of Caleb Dugan. I didn't tell anyone that it was my birthday because I wanted it to be Caleb's special day and I didn't want to steal some of his lime-light, so that why my birthday got overlooked; but I'm perfectly fine with that. Then later on Saturday I received a phone call from President Packard and I not only have the call to be a District Leader, but a call to be a Trainer was extended to me and of course, I accepted. So Elder Carlson is getting transferred to Amherst, Massachusetts tomorrow and I will meet my 'son' at transfer meeting. You didn't think that I would have a son this early did yah?! Haha. Elder Yim will be at the transfer meeting too, so we can take a generation picture! It's going to be hard but I'm excited. So Saturday was a good day! And then on Sunday, Bishop Bailey asked us to speak on the Third Article of Faith; I tied it into missionary work of course. It was a spiritual experience, yet again don't remember exactly what I said. In preparing I just made a simple outline of the points that I wanted to cover and came up with multiple ideas. In speaking I just let the spirit guide, I had studied and done my part. After sacrament meeting and even now the members are still thanking us for our talks and how we have inspired them to do more missionary work. Exciting week, it just went by so fast! So how are the Ginsels doing? Have they taken the discussions? How are the Stones? How is Travis doing at work? How are grandma and grandpa doing? I didn't not receive 5 packages this week, I received 4. But I got a notification from the mission office saying that there was a package for me, so I will get that tomorrow at transfer meeting. I received a card from my cousins in Juarez, I will write them back shortly. So thank you for the gifts, I have actually contemplated buying a sketch pad, I guess I don't have to buy one now. Well I guess I will e-mail you again on Monday, which will seem like tomorrow. I have gotten away from exercising because of all the meetings we have been having /: I will have to start back up with my son tomorrow. I have to drive early in the morning tomorrow and be at Belmont Chapel at 8am tomorrow, that's pretty nasty, oh well. I've gone through harder hours in the morning. I will send pics now.

Love your 20 year old son/brother/grandson/friend,
Elder Everett Alan Escobar

Monday, August 20, 2012

Elder Waddell 9-20-12

 Hello,Well this is the last week of the transfer. There's a
pretty good chance Elder Thorne and I will be here for a fifth
together but we might have a third guy. But whether I leave this time
or the next I want to go to Fairbanks next to get the "Alaska
experience" you know frostbite, northern lights, the whole bit. It's
looking like it's pretty likely that I'll only be in three or four
areas in my mission. I'll be in at least one more but I might just
come back to the branch after a little while in that one, but we'll
see. The work has been going alright. Our lowest number of lessons
this transfer was the same as our highest last transfer, so we're not
doing too bad. I've been studying the parables that Christ taught so
that's been pretty cool. It's pretty impressive how well he could
teach. I guess that makes sense. It turns out being sinless helps
you learn. Our biggest obstacle in learning anything, math, science,
religion whatever is that we sin. I kind of got a grasp on that a
little more recently. We had a guy whose wife seemed like she                                                                   would be a hindrance but her heart is softening and we're already seeing
her open up. Thanks for the pics and vid. Take care, Love Elder Waddell 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Elder Tellez 8-13-12 email

Hello, how is life? This week was fun. We had some crazy rain that felt so good. At the end of the week, we found out that it was a tropical storm, haha. No damage happened or anything, but yeah. It was a good week. I am so glad that there are changes happening, I like that. I don't, however, want to be in a different house when I return, but oh well, haha. Change is great though, haha. Wow, we are a Jack in the Box family, haha. We didn't have a baptism this week, but there will be one this week. We just have to first marry them. Send the money through Western Union or however you did it last time, I think through the mission president. The address is in one of the emails. I really can't think of anything to talk about right now, haha. I am still healthy as a horse and still loving the mission. I will take more pictures this week. It is just that the camera was out of battery. Please send the money as soon as possible. Did you find the apartments where I live? I'm sorry, I have a headache it is hard to concentrate. Thank you so much for the emails. When does school start? This is a late reaction, is Aaron in band? What instrument does he play? Joshua took band again this year? WOW I am happy, hehe. Time to go. I'm going to go rest a little before we start working again at 6. I love you all.

Elder Tellez 8-6-12 email

Hi how is everyone? I'm great. We had another baptism this week, the brother of the girl we baptized last week. They are on vacation, visiting family here in Xalapa but they live in Mexico City. Sounds like a great vacation and bringing back these kinds of souvenirs: eternal life, the door that enters into the stairway to heaven, and etc. Pretty cool huh? This week has been pretty normal. Mama, why didn't you write me? I still love you, haha. Gramma, I live on Ebano to the left of Mitla in an apartment complex, it is two stories and the entrance is between a pharmacy and a restaurant. It should be like a green and white massive door. The money order thing would be so much better. If you send cash, sometimes I won't be able to cash it with the slightest tear or writing on it or faded or wrinkly and it will be useless to me for another year, haha. The money order is the best option. Well, that's the show today, haha, I have used up my hour. I love you all. Everyone, pleaseeeeeee write me. The computer is being mean today and doesn't want to accept my memory, so, no pictures this week. I love you all, bye.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Elder Waddell 8-6-12

Hey hey. I'm glad to hear they're doing all right. ohhh ,no more
missionary scholarship.... I hope I'll be able to play the trumpet
when I get back.... haha. Man I bet the girls are kind of bummed to go
to Hawaii. I hear it's not very fun over there.  Sounds like they're actually going to do
stuff! Good for them.  That would be pretty cool if they made the
choir. It wasn't too bad of a choir from what I remember. And it might
be alright to go to Australia and New Zealand...maybe...ha well I'm
glad you guys are having a good time as the summer is closing down. I
forgot if I told you guys that the branch moved. When the pres
announced it he wasn't too clear so everyone thought the branch was
getting shutdown. So originally we met in the institute building
across the parking lot from a building where the Russian Jack ward
met. Our primary and youth all go to Russia Jack for the 2nd and 3rd
hours because we don't have enough adults. They're going to remodel
the church building that Russian Jack meets in so they have to go to a
different building.  So we had to either do it by ourselves or follow
them. They announced we were following them but everybody thought they
meant we were joining them and nothing was going to be in Spanish
anymore. Elder Thorne and I looked at each other and were about to call
pres to take us out haha!!  But it turns out we just followed Russian
Jack to another building and we have sacrament in the relief society
room while they have it in the chapel then we'll do like we did before
but we'll just all be in the same building but different rooms. So
that's been interesting. We're reevaluating our game plan here as far
as the percentage of work we focus on one aspect or another. It kind
of feels like we've been spinning our wheels and nothing’s been coming
out of it. So we're looking to upgrade our tires...... dumb joke.
 Technically we broke our record for number of lessons taught
again. But it wasn't as effective.  Oh.... Bryan Samuelson
formally known as Elder Samuelson came with his parents this week. We
visited a few people with him... it was weird ,  someone asked who it
was at the door and he almost said the missionaries but remembered
he's not one and said "uhhh.... us." He's pretty happy and was
super excited to come see people in the branch. Well
I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your summer. I am mine. I saw part
of a sunset for the first time in months yesterday and that was pretty exciting
and depressing at the same time. Well love you all. All is well in

Monday, August 6, 2012

Preparation Day!

Elder Everett Escobar 08/6/2012


Oh my, chapped/battered lips for Aaron. School is starting up and so is seminary! No sugar for Danny and a injured hip for Dad. Sounds like an interesting week. Apparently, a bunch of changes are still happening and they probably will continue to happen. So I heard from an anonymous source that you are updating my Facebook profile with letters, pics, and what not. That's cool. Seems like the missionaries in Liberty got a really good find with that kid. However, do they have parent's permission for him to get baptized? Cause that can sometimes be tricky. Changes-changes-changes, that's all ya hear about these days, haha. Well, this week things kind of slowed down a little bit due to church activities and meetings. We did a lot of service, way more than expected. Oh and I was able to hold a ferret, I have a picture. Today we went on the cliff walk again for Elder Stewart, it was fun. I didn't take any pics though. These week we gained a New Investigator (she is a Former Investigator though), her name is Mary. She has been prepared by the Lord, hopefully everything goes through for her, it was a miracle that we even ran into her. We helped the Turners move (they are in one of the pics) We still have a baptism set for August 18 for Caleb Mello-Dugan a young man we have been teaching. I started exercising a different way, one of the navy guys talked to me about it. I'm seeing just a little bit of results already in my arms, it gets the blood pumping. I am drinking a gallon of water or more each day, I changed my diet a little. We will see what that does in a few weeks. Other than that not too much has changed, we have a lot of meetings all this month. And personally, I'm a little tired of driving long distances. I guess that's what happens when you are on the very outskirts of the missions. However, life is good. By the way, the new Gs are great, way comfortable and keeps me cool. Thank you. I'm jealous that you got to go to the temple, I haven't been in a while. I don't get to go as often as I did back in the city. I want to go soon. So for Sunday next week, we will be hearing from Sister Elaine S. Dalton (Legit!) and Elder Eyring (of the Seventy) I can't wait, it's going to be great. Well I hope that all of you have a great week.

Love you,
Elder Everett Alan Escobar