We have 4 outstanding young men in our small ward in Liberty, Texas that have been called to serve a mission. It will be fun to have our ward family follow their experiences through this blog. Elder Clegg left July 20,2011 for the Idaho, Pocatello mission, Elder Waddell left July 27, 2011 for the Alaska, Anchorage Spanish speaking mission, Elder Escobar left in August for the Massachusetts, Boston mission, and Elder Tellez left September 14, 2011 for the Mexico, Veracruz Spanish speaking mission. We are so very excited that these fine young men have chosen to serve the Lord.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Elder Tellez 12-17-12 email

Hello family, How is everyone doing? I am super good. First of all thank you everyone for your emails. I'm thankful for your support. I'm sorry aunt Becca for not writing you. Mama, I have been dreaming in spanish since the MTC, haha. They are really weird. How is Gramma doing? I didn't hear from her this week. I hope that she is alright. This week was good. We didn't have anybody to baptize this week, but on Saturday, we talked with this old investigator who just came to church that day and he said that he wanted to get baptized there and then and that is just what we did. I don't have pictures because I didn't have my camera with me. We have two baptisms this week, the mom and brother of the girl that was baptized last week (the miracle baptism). Also, a bunch of my friends ended their missions today, Elder Sulzen (my buddy here in Martinez), Elder Valdez (my old companion), Elder Wilhelm (my first district leader in the mission), Elder LaBianca (my zone leader in Xalapa) and more. It was weird to see Elder Sulzen go like 2 hours ago and it made me think that in just 9 months I will be in the same moment. Thank you for your love and support. Christmas is next week and I will be Skyping you Monday night. I'm hoping that there will not be as many people as there were last Christmas but I think that you said that the Christmas Eve will be at our house, ahhhhhh. It's ok then. The important thing is that I will get to see you. Ok, time to go. I love you all. Stay happy.

Elder Waddell 12-18-12

 It's pretty chillly. It's dropped about 70 degrees in the past 4 days. We had a winter storm type and it warmed up to almost above freezing. then it plummeted again and we only had one hour of church because it was around 45 below. The plug in for our car isn't working too well so it almost didn't start this morning. It's cool how cars freeze and everything is really stiff and hard to move. It's cool when your eyelashes freeze too. haha we blew some bubbles from a cheap bubble wand and they froze and dropped out of the air and landed and just stayed there. If you try to pick them up your finger puts a hole through them but it stays in its form. We're going to buy a big bubble wand today to make a huge frozen bubble haha I'm really hoping the northern lights come out again before this next transfer. I have a tripod now so I can get better pics of them. 
Man you guys must be so excited. In that package the ward sent someone put a mini bottle of old spice "swagger" scented. That's what I used in college. Every time I get a whiff of it at all I get trunky. I miss that place so much. I've already decided the first thing I'm going to do when I get back as far as goals is talk to the Christensens and devise a plan to live there for the rest of my life haha So just to warn you I might look a little green when we skype.

Well back to missionary land.  Things are going well. We've got some baptisms coming up. We would have more but one of them is moving down to Arizona, sad. But he's way cool. I had a lesson with him with two other missionaries and it was a spiritual powerhouse of a lesson. He's normally very talkative and we planned to teach tithing but that's not what came out at all. He ate it up and now he did what we asked and he has a testimony of the Book of Mormon. I love it when that happens. Nobody ever does what we ask them. But when they do, that happens, they find out it's true. It kills me that the world just lays blinder after blinder over our eyes and there aren't very many ways to get past them. Usually it requires a humbling experience and to feel the spirit at the right window of time. It has to be so exquisitely timed there's no way that He's not in control. We are in the hands of the Lord of the harvest and we are his and HE will raise us up at the last day. Isn't that great that we don't have to depend on our own strength. Well things are good over here. I miss you guys and love you, Elder Waddell

Monday, December 10, 2012

Elder Tellez 12-10-12 email

Hello family, How is everyone? I hope everyone is good. I was so happy to hear from you all. Thank you for every email. We had an awesome baptismal service yesterday. We baptized a teenage girl. It was an amazing story of how we came to this point. Rosalba is her great aunt (aunt of Irene's mom). She has seen many church movies with us like 17 Miracles. She has a strong testimony but her mom didn't want to give her permission. Rosalba and two of her sons, Carlos and Yosemir shared there strong testimonies to her but she wouldn't give in. Finally Saturday night when I was on divisions with another missionary, my companion and another missionary went to talk with the mom and Irene. From what I have heard, it was a very powerful lesson. The missionaries and Irene were testifying. Then this man walked in who is an uncle from Xalapa. My companion thought that he was a Jehova's Witness or some other church and he was scared that he would ruin it. They continued to teach but with caution. Out of nowhere, the man starts talking. He talks about the importance of baptism and that there are two priesthoods and that without this priesthood, the baptism doesn't have any worth. He starts talking directly at the mom saying that she doesn't understand the importance of all of this yet but that Irene does and that is why she wants to get baptized. He said that what would be the difference if she waits for a couple of years or just does it now. No matter what she will de it. And that the mom will finally realize that this is what her daughter needs to do and when this time will come, the mom will want to repent and will feel horrible. He then talks about when HE was baptized is the church like 30 years ago. He is now inactive but wowww. My companion thinks that he was John the Beloved. When he said this, the mom felt the spirit soooo strongly and weeped. She gave permission. When my companion told me about this experience, I just cried. Carlos, the son of Rosalba, (who was just baptized like 3 or 4 weeks ago) baptized her. it was sooooo amazing. In this one picture with two people: the man in the white shirt is the Bishop, he is the greatest, and the other is Carlos. Thank you for your love and support. I love you all. Always keep a strong testimony.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Elder Waddell 12-3-12

So, it was about 40 below this morning. It's getting a little cold. Let's see, we had a good week this week. Pretty much taught the most lessons I've taught on my mission. There was a baptism on Saturday and we had three people we're teaching show up to it. That was exciting. The Jewish Rabbi showed up which was really cool. She liked the ordinance but liked the guy’s testimony even more. I'm impressed by her. This is a big change from what she does as a Jew even though so many things are so similar. That's what the covenant people are about. It's interesting how you can attribute all the differences between us simply because of the lack of a prophet. All the differences of all the faiths are because they reject the Lord’s anointed. I feel like if I was on the receiving end of this message that would click with me, that the heavens are still open. It's so clear. God speaks with his servants. We haven't been left out to dry, but when we make our choices the fruits are evidence of whether it was guided by the spirit or not. And it seems pretty clear to me the difference between prophetic authority and personal revelation. That requires personal worthiness from obedience. It's interesting that obedience doesn't usually bring the blessings we want but always the blessings we need. I'm grateful for a Heavenly Father who loves me enough to cut me down at times. Who knows me well enough to bless me with the things I need but don't necessarily want. Through that I know that he's in control and when we try to go against that we are legitimately kicking against the pricks. Well this week has been pretty uneventful except it's been ridiculously cold and we taught a lot. Our car almost didn't start this morning even though it was plugged in, so that was cool. Well I hope you guys are excited! Miss you, Elder Waddell

Elder Tellez 12-3-12 email

Hello again, thank you for the emails. Life is good. We didn't baptize this week but we have three for this week. Thank you for all of the pictures of the Christmas tree it looks beautiful. My last Christmas in the mission, haha. We are going to do an activity next week, we are going to some pyramids. The family of Aunt Wanda are in my prayers. Is it cold in Texas right now? It super hot over here, haha. I'm dying for some "mama cookin". I don't think that I will ever eat tortillas again. I am starting to look like a one of those cranky old missionaries, haha. Rosalba, whom I baptized 2 weeks ago, went up and bore a powerful testimony yesterday. We invited another one of her sons to get baptized on the 16 and he accepted. So, his brother who was baptized 2 weeks ago as well is going to baptize him (he just recieved the priesthood yesterday). These kind of things just strengthen my testimony. I am so happy for the success that we are having here in the mission. I love it when people truly become converted. Ahhhh, the blessings of God. I really enjoyed the whole JOY thing. Well, time to say goodbye. I love you all.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Elder Tellez 11-27-12 email

How is everyone? I am super good. We had two baptisms yesterday. I am so happy that there is sooo much success here. There were no changes this transfer. I love seeing true converts, it always makes me good inside when someone really converts them-self to the Gospel. About the screws for the TV, I have no clue, maybe one of those cans that has a bunch of screws. I am really not sure. What happened to the TV in the living room? You could buy new screws. Tell me something new, what is going on in the world today? My world is just the same, just peaches and cream. I am just super happy. I am always happy everytime that I talk to you. I am pretty positive that we get to skype, I hope so, haha. We have a companionship goal of 12 baptisms in the month of December. I am super excited to meet that goal. Wow, I am quickly going for 15 months in the mission. Alright, it is time for me to hit the road. I love you all, bye.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Elder Everett Escobar  11/19/2012

Good Morning! And Happy Birthday Aaron!!! 15 years old, my oh my. I was 15 not too long ago, I think. Oh who am I kidding, that was 5 years ago/half a decade ago. I did send you something, however, I sent it today because I forgot to send it before transfers and so it got packed with all of my other stuff. But anyways, 15! And I know Aaron looks just like me because of the pictures that you sent me of him. Especially the pics where he is standing in front of the fireplace and you can see my pic of when I became an eagle scout. It's pretty wild. Has Aaron seen Mrs. Lumus yet? She would probably freak out too. That's good that Aaron is already having missionary experiences, I remember trying to give out a Book of Mormon in junior high and that turned sour so I don't think that I tried to give out another Book of Mormon after that. That's good that this experience has been a success though. So pretty soon if all goes well, you will have another eagle scout pic to put on the fireplace and then it will be Danny's turn. Let's see if he will turn out like a clone too, just kidding (: What ever happened to the Ginsels being taught by the missionaries? Has anyone had any luck with the Stones?
Well Nashua, New Hampshire is nice from what I have seen so far. I want it to snow already, thank goodness I'm not driving. I did not want to drive during this time of the year. My companion, Elder Gibson, has 9 other siblings; just like Elder Jensen in fact, he reminds me a lot of Elder Jensen. He is from Enoch, Utah. So amazingly he is the first companion that I've had so far that is from Utah. Well it was our first Sunday in the Nashua 2nd Ward. It is a bilingual ward both english and spanish. About 5 people only speak spanish though, so it is still important that we learn spanish. I can see now since we are here in the area, why we were shotgunned into the area. The members seemed so happy to see a set of new missionaries in the ward. Our ward mission leader, Brother Yarmo, told us that although there have been recent baptisms in this area, the past missionaries for about a year now have been quite irresponsible. And we saw that the first day that we were in Nashua. We tried to find out who the elders were working with, both investigators and members, but there is no record. There aren't any teaching records or progress records at all. The most recent teaching record and progress record that we have are from December 2011, that's pitiful. Almost two full years without having any records. It's time for the cleanup crew. Brother Yarmo said that the members of the ward were not trusting the past missionaries and that the past missionaries wouldn't fulfill any of the assignments that were given to them. He mentioned (and I agree) that we being new missionaries have an opportunity to rebuild the ward because we are starting off with a fresh, clean slate. So we are starting from scratch, which is kind of bittersweet. 
It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving is here. Christmas will be here before we know it. By the way, our apartment in Nashua is pretty sweet, it has a private gym and sauna, which I have hit up every day since I have been here. So could I get some more protein? I don't have any right now, oh and I need to buy some contact solution, I'm running out. Don't quite know if we will last food wise. I forgot to ask for that in the last package you sent me and yes I did get the package before I got transferred. My address now is: 1 Clocktower Place Apt #211 Nashua, New Hampshire 03063. So yea we literally do live in a clocktower. We don't quite have a dinner calendar as of the moment, because that priviledge was taken away from the last missionaries because they would waste all of their time in the member's homes. But they are trying to organize a new dinner calendar for us. All we know right now is that we only have a dinner on Thanksgiving with a member family that lives right beside us, the Candelarios. We haven't been fed yet since we've been here and I feel like we have almost eaten everything out of the apartment. So I don't know how it is going to be for the rest of the month, we may have to fend for ourselves for part of the time. Since these members probably aren't quite accustomed to feeding the missionaries anymore, that will have to change. I haven't taken too many pics so far but there is one pic of Elder Gibson. Anyways give everyone my best and Happy Thanksgiving! And do something special for Aaron, he's being too humble haha.
Elder Everett Alan Escobar
Elder Everett Escobar  11/14/2012

Ohlah amegoes!

Combo aystah? Just kidding, just kidding. Yes I meant to spell that horribly, don't worry I haven't lost any brain cells on the mission. Well maybe I have, oh well. Anyways, this past week has just been a rush! The whole mission did go down to Connecticut, we split off into teams and demolished the place, both literally and figuratively. The team that I was in was completely gutting and cleaning out pretty much every inch in people's basements. I felt like I belonged on Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe. It was really cool, I enjoy labor work it just feels so fulfilling when the days done. FEMA actually came down and video(ed) our whole team, I don't know if showed on the news but it's now stored somewhere. So there goes my 5 minutes of fame, not saying that I even wanted it. 3 accounted homes in Connecticut were washed away at sea, different levels of homes crumpled under one another, houses were literally flooded from top to bottom. And yes I do have some pictures. 
So this is probably the moment you have been waiting for. I am getting transferred to Nashua, New Hampshire, oh yes right into winter. Well I will be having a White Christmas that's for sure. I will be whitewashed into Nashua 2 Ward, I've heard rumors they are making the switch to be a Spanish Ward. Here is the test of my faith, I can almost taste it. So yes, SPANISH. All I know right now are words and some common phrases.....Sink or Swim! PLEASE LET IT BE SWIM!!! Haha. The Lord has provided a way. It's funny how right when I leave the investigators and the dinners with members go back up. Oh well that's the story of my mission. At least I will get fed well in a Spanish Ward right? I would think so. Anyways, lots of new adventures are underway I'm pretty sure, pray for me......I feel like Scrat from Ice Age, who just lost his acorn and is confused on how to get it back. I think that I may pull an Elder Groberg.
Well it sounds like both Aaron had a rough week. It is strange that people I know and that are my age are getting married. Why can't they wait for me to at least get off my mission before they get married? Am I not important enough to be at their wedding geez?! Just kidding, they can do whatever they want, I can give them a be-lated congrats. Anyways, hope you have a great week, I'm glad you were able to relive the days when you were in the Dayton High School Marching Band, that sounds like fun, I wish I was there to see it. 
Love you,
Elder Everett Alan Escobar

Monday, November 19, 2012

Elder Waddell 11-19-2012

Yes I was surprised to see Victoria..... It was probably the strangest moment on my mission. I tried to shake her hand because I thought she was a new member. I didn't recognize her until she said my first name. It was weird, really weird. But thanks for the beef jerky! We haven't decided when I'll go over there. We might on Thanksgiving. We’ll see. I did get a better camera. I can get the fstop to 3.3 and leave the shutter open for half a minute. So I'll be able to get semi decent pics of the northern lights. But I need a mini tripod as you'll notice on the pic i sent my hand is a little shaky. I'm not sure what I want for Christmas..... I'll get back to you on that haha  I think we'll be bouncing around on Thanksgiving day. It'll be a good one. Oh yeah we had transfers and I'm staying here until January at least. Elder Stevenson is in Matanuska now, and Elder Collins from Western Samoa is coming here. It'll be another good 6 weeks. I'm sorry about not having a ton of details. There’s just too much that happens everyday.  I can't put it all in order chronologically in my mind. It’s ridiculous, days are so short this time of year and yet soooo long. I can't remember if I told you guys that there are going to be 100 new missionaries in our mission by February supposedly and half will be sisters. If I did forgive me, if not, forgive me haha. So that will be a cool experience I guess. I'm not sure how much I'll like it. One of the pluses of this mission was that it is small so it was pretty personal with Pres. But the work needs to go forward and it seems needs to accelerate. Well I better get going. My brain is getting fried. Thanks for the email!! Love you

Elder Tellez 11-19-12 email

Hello family, I'm sorry I haven't been writing alot. Solamente quiero que sepan que les amo mucho. Todo está bien aquí en México. Bautizamos 2 personas ayer. Fue un servicio bautismal muy espiritual. Bautizamos una mamá con uno de sus hijos y esta semana vamos a bautizar un hijo más. La siguiente semana son los cambios entonces les voy a decir lo que pasará. Creo que ya me voy. Pero les aviso. Tambien hemos tenido clima frio aquí. ¿Como se sienten que Obama es el presidente toda via? A mi fue una noticia horrible. I hope you understood all of that or were able to translate it. I have been teaching lessons really spiritual lately. The president has my money and I am going to Xalapa tomorrow to get it. Ok, I am actually going to go so that I can go to Veracruz to sign my Visa stuff. :o) That is my clown face. Have I told you yet that I miss american food? Well I do. Thank you for the quotes and the jokes gramma. Thank you for everything everyone. I love you all. Bye Bye.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Elder Waddell 11-12-12

hey hey hey I’m doing well. Sorry I’m not going to use correct punctuation or anything. I just used that all up in my letter to president. Beef jerky wouldn't hurt me toooooo bad. Yes, it is indeed cold. I think the coldest I’ve been outside so far was -24 or something like that. Eventually cold is just cold haha, no I haven't been outside long enough for that to happen but I saw that happen to a kid who was walking home from school. I'm hoping to have one or more transfers here then leave in January. I feel like I can do more here but my mission is suddenly looking shorter so I don't want to stay for a 4th when I can be somewhere else on a different adventure. I don't speak Spanish very often. Supposedly my accent had gotten better..... I'm not sure how that works. Yes, I voted here in Alaska because my ballot never came and they can't refuse a voter. But the election was called well before people were done voting here. I wrote in Pres Jon Beesley for state legislator.  haha Yeah it's definitely getting to the dark time. We came out of church yesterday at 4 to the sun setting. We still have over a month before it gets to the darkest point.
The work is going really well. We're pretty consistently teaching more than I've taught in my mission, finding new people, seeing little miracles. Our Jewish investigator let us borrow a "tanakh" the Jewish study bible. It's interesting. It's in a different order than the KJV but to us it pretty much says that same thing so far. But man the more I get into that stuff the more I love the Book of Mormon. It really is the keystone of this, and can help us in sooooo many ways. And it's nice to know that the heavens are open and God speaks to his children. The author of this didn't stop speaking when his book went to press. Thanks for the email. I hope the broncos destroy and more importantly the texans haha cuidense 
Elder Waddell

Elder Waddell 11-5-12

Hey hey. Things are going pretty well here. It's getting a little
chillier. It was -13 this morning. So that was cool. Did I tell you
guys we plug in our cars here so they'll start in the morning? Yeah I
think I should be good with the timing coming home so I won't stress
about it. I'm glad you guys enjoyed the Bieber concert I guess haha.
Man the girls are going to have all their fun before I can get to them
next September.  I hope Megan doesn't get lepto or something, that
lagoon water is gross. So the paper that you sent me was just the
application for the ballot. I haven't gotten the ballot so I doubt my
vote will count... ha I feel like the election will be a little bit of
a distraction. But it's not really a bad distraction. It's something
we need to know about. Fairbanks is doing pretty well. It's getting
cold. I'm not sure how much I'll like that but we'll see. Transfers
are coming up in a couple of weeks so we'll see if I'll stay. More
than likely one of us is leaving. I'm hoping to go to Juneau for a
couple of transfers because there is a Spanish area there. But it
would be cool to see the southeast in the summer. I'm
pretty sure I'm going back to the Spanish branch eventually. It's just
the when part. Oh cool news. So normally every 2 weeks 700 people
download the missionary papers but since the announcement it's been
4000 people with half being sisters. So in February we're getting
100 new missionaries. Half of them will be sisters..... It's kind
of weird. I'm not sure how I'll like that. But we'll see what happens.
 We'll go from about 130 missionaries to 230 missionaries in a
month. We're going to blitz Alaska. Recently I have realized a little
more the power of the Book of Mormon.  Like I said we're teaching a
Jewish Rabbi. She hasn't bought into the fact that the messiah
has come, but she's reading the Book of Mormon and becoming more
and more open to the idea and we're pretty positive she'll gain a
witness eventually and be able to take part in the Atonement. The Book
of Mormon was brought forth to the convincing of Jew and Gentile that
Jesus is the Christ. No other book can do what it can do. It fulfills
its purpose in inviting the spirit into the lives of those who read it
and giving a piece of evidence of the workings of God with mankind.
It's pretty amazing how it works. Yes, things are going well in
the Fairbanks 5th ward. I wouldn't really advise living here..... but
the people are great and some things  make it worth it to live in
a place as dry and cold as Fairbanks haha! Well let me know how things
are going. Love you

Elder Tellez 11-12-12 email

Hello everyone!!!!! How are you all doing? I'm awesome. We had a baptism yesterday. We were actually supposed to have two but one never showed up. Ahhhhh, it is a long story. I'll write it in my journal and you can read it in 10 months. Time is going by sooooo fast. I haven't gotten the money yet but I'm sure I'll get it soon. I'm sorry I don't write that much. I'm feeling better this week. I'm losing weight and feeling as healthy as a horse. I do exercises every day. We have some more baptisms this week. Time to go. I love you all.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Elder Everett Escobar  11/05/2012


Well it's pretty exciting over here! So yes Danny, I am okay (: We haven't been able to do much teaching this week and I will explain why within the next few sentences. The church all along the east coast is getting a lot of praise. Our zone and several others were sent down to help in the hurricane relief and wreckage in Connecticut. It was and still is pretty bad, many places in Connecticut got hit hard. President Packard had told the governor of Connecticut that he would bring the whole entire mission to help if he had to. So far 3 out of the 8 zones in the mission have been serving in Connecticut. But President Packard just announced that we as a whole mission will be going down to Connecticut to help. Can you just imagine, over 200 missionaries, plus other volunteers dressed in yellow 'Mormon Helping Hands' vests marching into these ransacked neighborhoods and helping everyone who is in need. That's awesome! 'Forget the National Guard (they're just security), bring in the Mormons!'-anonymous bystander. It's funny because pretty much everyone that we have helped so far has expressed that they are voting for Mitt Romney! There was one house that we walked up to and from the house we heard, "Hey! Here come Mitt's boys!" Then someone else in the house replied, "That's good cause we need'em." I love people's comments on who they think we are, it's just funny. But yes we have been given a lot of praise pretty much everyone up and down the streets wanted to get a picture with the 'volunteering mormons' and post it on facebook. The whole mission is coming to Connecticut this coming Friday and will stay there through Sunday. That's the game plan as of right now! By the way, have I told you that I love using a shovel? Cause I do, this is the first time that I have used a shovel in a while. Yesterday was stake conference, it was really good. However there was one sister that was sitting on the stands that looked pretty much like mom, so I was a really confused at first. I knew that it wasn't really you mom, although from time to time I would question it, by the end of the meeting I was still a little weirded out. Anyways, its good to hear that everyone is doing well. Aaron in his band contest. Danny trying to health-mindedly eat so that he can be as tall as a basketball player. Responding to Danny's letter: 'You can't wait for me to come back?! Well there are some times where I do think of home and can't wait to go back home. And I can say as well that it's not the same without you, Aaron, Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Grandpa being here. But at this moment it's not quite time for me to come back, plus I will be back home before you know it. After this school year and at the end of summer, right before you start school again; I will be back home and yes it will be fun. It's good that you are praying, are you reading? How is Aaron doing with his reading and praying? Keep it up and go on a mission when you turn 18, for sure.' By the way, have you decided when you would like to pick me up? So that I can report back to President Packard on the matter. Just so you know we do have someone feeding us on Thanksgiving, haven't quite gotten to Christmas yet though. Can you believe that I have spent 7 1/2 months here! Transfers are coming up and I got that feeling... I will know for sure on Saturday if I am being transferred. Sorry for not having pics this time, I didn't want to chance messing up the camera in the hurricane relief, anyways, 
Elder Everett Alan Escobar

Elder Everett Escobar  10/30/2012


We are alive and okay! Me and Elder Jensen are actually alive, we have power, and we are back in Newport. To me this hurricane was pretty pathetic and a lady that works at Walmart, who previously lived in Corpus Christi, TX agreed with me. However, the residents here keep saying that we got hit pretty hard....yea whatever. The most you see here is just some trees/branches/leaves on the ground, other than that that's it. So we are okay. This past week was good in gaining new investigators and in taking pictures. One new investigator that we received this past week was from a part-member, less active family. Apparently the husband is less active, his wife (Laura Girard) is not a member but has had the discussions from the missionaries before. However, now she feels like she is ready to be baptized and both her and her husband have already set a goal to be sealed in the temple around a year's time. So yea golder than golden. We received another investigator from a member referral given to us, her name is Diane. And the day we knocked on her door, was the day that her ex-sister-in-law died and she was pretty distraught about it, she talking and just unloading all the weight she had been feeling and carrying on us. We were definitely supposed to knock on her door that very day. During our first visit with her we learned that she is surrounded by mormons and that she already has a Bible, Book of Mormon, Pearl of Great Price, and a Doctrine & Covenants. Finally two more people that we can work with. Michael and Justin St. Pierre are still a little out of it lately, it's quite unfortunate. So in the pictures you will see us on the cliff walk, our halloween costumes for the trunk-or-treat, etc. It was a good, interesting week. Oh my, the adventures that come along on the mission.

Elder Escobar
Elder Everett Escobar  10/22/2012

An Earthquake! I didn't feel it, I don't know what day or time it happened. But I guess it would make since if we didn't feel it, because Newport is an island. I don't know, I guess if I was supposed to feel it, I didn't recognize it. And President Packard told Elder Jensen that he will be training, so....I'm going to have a grandson! 
Along with leaving a transfer early, apparently that is impossible because I can't leave no sooner than 30 days before August 31. So President Packard said that he felt that I need to go to school this next fall semester. So he said that I won't be leaving in the July transfer, but I will be leaving in between transfers. So I would be in a trio my last few days in the mission. He said that I could leave August 1 at the earliest but he wanted me to talk to you, he has given me permission to call you anytime for applications to school and just anything related to departures. He wanted me to talk to you on when I should leave the mission, I could leave anytime in August. How long did the whole family want to stay and tour the mission? There is plenty to see it's just up to you, how much time you actually want to spend up here. So let me know. As for schools I feel like I should spend at least 1 semester Lee College to boost my GPA back up and then if I want to transfer somewhere after that, I can do that. As for things that you could send in your next package I need some more deodorant and baby aspirins. 
Well this week, Newport Ward seems so far to be doing better in feeding us, we have 5 dinner appointments for this week! Finally but hopefully it lasts throughout the next few weeks. This week was filled with meetings and member appointments, not so much appointments with investigators. However, we found a new investigator tracting and right before I wrote this e-mail, a lady walked up to me and asked for a 'Mormon Bible' and that she would even pay for it. Of course I didnt make her pay, come on they are free, but I did ask her why she was so eager to get a Book of Mormon. She said that tomorrow was her husband's birthday and that he is very fascinated with Mormons and so she went to several book stores trying to find a Book of Mormon for sale, but never found one. But she found US and the book/gift that she wanted to give her husband was free! And we gave her several pamphlets and pass-along cards to go along with the book! She even said that they had just moved here and that she and her husband want to come to church!!! In my mind, I was like, "What the heck is going on? I feel like I'm on Punk'd!" A new family of investigators just feel into our laps. Finally the dry spell is over!!! We have something concrete. But nobody at home or on the mission until now has ever asked if they could buy a Book of Mormon from me. Yeah that is one to write in the journal. Anywho, let me know how long you want to spend up here when you come pick me up, I can get a hub (place that we can stay) from Sister Shearer (she already offered to host us, if we were to stay for a little while), I will have to get her phone number and give it to you.
Love you very much,
Elder Everett Alan Escobar
Elder Everett Escobar  10/14/2012

Mi familia!

Todo está bien. Ha sido una semana muy bajo y rápido. We have had quite a few meetings this week, but the work has been in somewhat of a drought, can't seem to find 'actual' investigators. The temperature is dropping and many people just stay secluded in their homes now. So when we knock on their doors they probably think that we are either salesmen or jehovahs, so they don't even bother coming to the door. We have been riding our bikes a lot lately. I heard that this winter is supposed to be really bad, so we probably won't be on our bikes for very much longer. I have seen more Mitt Romney signs pop up! But at the same time, most of the people that see us riding around, mock and point the finger of scorn at us. Kind of makes me feel like I am in Lehi's dream. Where the people in the great and spacious building laugh at those whom are holding to the iron rod. Over the past weeks I have been pouring over the ward records. And have found that the actual church attendance almost perfectly correlates with actual home/visiting teaching. As of right now the ward about 20% of its members actually attending church and 20% doing their home teaching. Members may whine and complain that we don't have a big ward, but that's their fault. Because they themselves are just letting the ward (it's members) seep through the cracks until eventually they are lost! So Elder Jensen and I have made it a goal to strive to see everyone that is on the ward list this month. And we are doing that by calling up the home teachers and going out with them to see the families that they have been assigned. Some of these families that are less active are part-member families as well. This past Sunday we had 7 less active members come to church after we visited them that week. So we are already seeing some results. Newport Ward, has the potential to be a big ward it's just up to them to reach out to these long lost members. If they would just do that, we could have 4 or 5 times as many members than do now. It's frustrating, but you probably might find that in Liberty Ward too. That's a idea for the missionaries. Get a Home Teaching List from the Ward Clerk and help the member's visit everyone in the ward, it's way more effective than tracting and you gain the trust of the members.
Anywho, I think your week sounds way more exciting than mine. Aaron has asthma! That kind of stinks, well at least that mystery has been resolved and thankfully he can still have fun in band. Danny got into a fight to save another kid, that sounds fun! And he a bonus prize, he got a black eye! That must have made him look even more tough. Dad is good and well. And Mom got acupuncture, did that hurt? I still don't know how that works, if it doesn't feel at least uncomfortable. Aunt Jean is going through tests. That is amazing that they have the new procedure/operation now to where they can go through the rib cage, instead of having open heart surgery. 
Oh by the way, since the announcement in General Conference about the age change for missionaries. We received the announcement that the Massachusetts Boston Mission will be receiving 50 new missionaries within the next few months!!! Ridiculously awesome! And they are having to create new areas in the mission. This week we will be have interviews with President Packard and so I will not only talk to him about school but also about the speeding citation. And yes time is flying by, it's kind of disgusting. Tell Aaron and Danny, that they can be missionaries now, they don't have to wait till they are 18. And once a missionary, always a missionary. Well gotta go!
Love all of you a lot,
Elder Everett Alan Escobar
PS It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! It's almost here...
Elder Everett Escobar  10/08/2012


Man, oh man, oh man...insomnia?! Ha I know how he feels, ever since I started my mission I haven't slept very well. So now I am taking melatonin every night and that helps a lot. 

Well, this morning we went to the temple. It was a good experience. This past week we went on a lot of exchanges with the zone leaders and with the missionaries in the district so we did quite a bit of traveling and not as much actual work. This week we are focusing on unifying the members of the ward. And this month we have set a goal to contact most of, if not all of the members on the ward list. Because we should have over 300 members but we only have 50 or so active members, it's ridiculous. I think it is a result of not doing home teaching. We are hoping through the finding of these long lost members we will gain a few more new investigators as well.

I loved General Conference! And about the new ages for missionaries, I think it was good that they made the change. It is usually between that year from 18-19 that we lose a lot of active members anyways. I'm not too sure if I'm too fond of it yet being out on the mission right now, because quite frankly I have never met an 18 year old missionary before. So we'll  have to wait and see. But so far I think that it is good. I think that we will have a lot more missionaries, male and female now. So I have to say that I don't have my backpack with me and my camera is in my backpack, so no pictures this week ): Anyhow, love you!!! Hope you have a great day and week! I will be talking to President Packard soon about 'End of Mission' stuff. I keep feeling like I'm getting OLD as a missionary, I hardly know anyone in the mission anymore /: Their all gone, by the way Elder Yim left this past Friday, his parents flew all the way from Hong Kong and picked him up. I remember him hitting his year mark with me...pretty soon you will be picking me up...I don't truly know what to think of that, it just goes by so quickly.
Elder Everett Alan Escobar

Elder Everett Escobar  09/24/2012

So I got my flu shot, but Elder Jensen was very reluctant. I don't think he likes needles very much. Oh well, we had a good week. We traveled on bikes the whole week pretty much (to save up our last bit of miles), must admit that we are a little sore but it's alright, nothing we can't handle. We gained 2 new investigators (Meyleen and Erki) this week and apparently they already know that the Book of Mormon is true. I questioned them on it asking, 'So how do you know that the Book of Mormon is true?' and they responded, 'Because every time we read or pray about it, we feel a good/comforting feeling and it makes us want to do good things in our life.' Right after they said that, in my mind I thought, 'BINGO: We Have a Winner!' Then Elder Jensen and I explained that these feelings are promptings from the Holy Ghost and we talked about receiving answers to prayers. So that was a breakthrough for us. Michael is doing alright, he just needs to get himself back together (Humpty-Dumpty had a great fall), his son came back. We don't have any details, all we know is that his son is in a rehab center and it was discovered that he is bipolar ): However, apparently both Michael and his son, Justin (who is in rehab) are diligently praying and searching through the Book of Mormon. So that's a good thing, I think that it will take time but they are on the right track. So it sounds like the Kingwood Republican Women's Fundraiser wasn't as grand as was expected. President Packard has recently changed some of the rules in the mission by putting more responsibility in the missionaries hands, agency is key to the building up of Zion. Sounds like changes are still happening in the ward as well. This week we had a ward open-house event which was good we had a few non-members. We have been assisting the Young Men's President a lot because his presidency has just been wiped out of existence with stake callings. So on the topic of being feed, the member are doing better and yes we don't have very many active-members in the ward. There are probably only 8 sisters in Relief Society (so yea) and the rest of the sisters are in Primary. So this week we are getting feed 3 times, but the fridge and the shelves in our apartment are pretty much empty....): So we have been going through food like crazy, it just doesn't seem to last. But the ward is doing better in feeding us, it was worse at the beginning of the month. Everything is getting better. I hope Aaron and Danny are keeping out of trouble (; and you might as well add Dad in there as well. He apparently didn't treat you right by not giving you enough notice or time haha. Well hope you have a great week and hopefully I can last frugally on my debit card for the rest of the month. Did grandma and grandpa get my card yet? Just curious. Anyways will see you in less than a year! (: and ): Take care!
Elder Everett Alan Escobar (Missionary/Son/Grandson/Brother/Friend/etc)
PS: I heard that things are stirring up intensely in the Middle East, not good. Here we go again. We pull the troops out then we may push them right back in.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Elder Tellez 10-29-12 Email

Hello everyone, Thank you so so much for the emails, haha. All is well. The baptisms haven't been coming as much as I would want, but we have been working with the inactive members and they have started coming to church. The attendance in sacrament meeting has doubled since I have gotten here. I think I already mentioned that they are going to split my ward. On the 11 of November, a Seventy will come and do it. It will be a branch and a ward. Wow, it is about to be November again, haha, time flies when you're having fun, right? Tonight we are going to Xalapa for a zone leader council tomorrow. I need to start exercising better again. So, Bianca got a new car, what year is it? Take pics of the inside please. What is the church attendance in Liberty now. We have been having cold weather here as well, ahhhhh it feels like Xalapa. I need to buy some shoes, could you by chance send me like $50???? My health is super good, well, normal. Was this just the first time Josh has been allowed to play? He needs to get his grades up. I hope your toe gets better Gramma. Thank you for that Halloween joke, haha. It is so exciting here. We have been working with the kid, ok, young adult (he is 22)(he is the person in the pics). Anyways, we have been working with him in preparation for his mission. He just sent in his papers last week. Also, his friend, Adrian (we baptized him in September), is so excited to go on a mission. They are both in mission prep classes but Adrian has to wait until he has been a member for a year. The time has gone and we must move on with our lives. I love you all. 'Til next week.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Elder Tellez 10-22-12 Email

Hello family, How is everything going? Everything is well here. E. Carmona is awesome. This week was good. This Sunday I gave a talk and I forgot to put the phone on silence and it went off, it was a little embarrassing, haha, but I learned my lesson. How was stake conference? What did you all learn? There is really nothing new this week, haha. I'm sorry. I took some photos for you. I love the food here. It's a wonder why I haven't gained weight, haha. I am still enjoying my time. Time is going by sooooo fast. Time to go. It is soo hard to think of words to say. Estoy mejorandome el español. Siempre tengo sueño. Mi vida ha cambiado por la mejor. No soy perfecto pero me esfuerzo a hacer mi mejor cada dia. Ahora voy a aprender hebreo y luego portugues. Les amo con todo mi corazon. Fortalezcan sus testimonios del Evangelio restaurado. Ok, ya me voy. Bye-bye.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Elder Waddell 10-15-12

So yes I have seen the northern lights officially!!!! I must admit they were pretty awesome. You can literally watch them unravel. Then they dance and different colors flash. And if you go in really dark places you can see more color and definition but we live kind of in town. So 2 things 1 my camera is not built to take pictures of the northern lights and 2 it broke right after I got horrible pictures of them. Sooooo my camera is broken .... ha sorry. The lens just won't open all the way. I can hear and see the gears trying but it won't work. sooooo I can buy one up here if that's alright. That way I could probably get one that I could use for the northern lights before I stop seeing them. So I guess missionary stuff. I gave a talk in church yesterday. It's a big ward haha. It was on preparing for a mission by gaining a testimony of the Book of Mormon.I thought it was pretty good. But I'm getting longwinded. I spoke for like 20 minutes....We met some people that we hadn't been able to meet for a long time this week. Oh it snowed yesterday and stuck.... winter is here. I'll probably be buying a jacket as well. sorry.... we got parkas from a member that would work great... but they're green... doesn't really fit the missionary look. so we'll see. Um things are going great. Just trying to better the work and myself. the latter is the hardest. ha well that's about it for this week. love you
Elder Waddell

Elder Tellez 10-15-12 Email

Hello all, I'm sure it seems like I just didn't send an email last, but I write to you guys every week. It's just that when I send the email and it says that it was safely sent and all that jazz but they send me an email after a couple of hours after I am already off, to tell me that the email wasn't sent. This has happened 3 times. So, I'm sorry, but I lok forward to Mondays so that I can write you. Anyways, the news, haha. Elder Valdez is getting transferred to a different place called Papantla and my new companion will be Elder Carmona. He is cool, he has about 10 months in the mission. Also, my zone will only have 5 areas not 6, they are closing one of them. I met this 80 year old american from Pennylvania even older version of Jeff Bridges. He has been in Mexico for a couple of years, he doesn't have a home. His reasoning for coming here was to start a business, then he went bankrupt and lost everything. He doesn't know any spanish, it felt weird having a conversation in english. Time to say goodbye. I love you all. Send a bunch of emails and pics.

Elder Tellez 10-08-12 Email

Hello, So, conference was amazing, as always. I enjoyed every minute of it. We didn't baptize anybody this week. But our heads are up and we just keep moving forward. I hope you like the pics I have. I enjoyed some amazing Dominos: a 4 cheese pizza, hawaiian pizza, and chocolatey volcano thing. Did you guys send a package? If so, it taking a while. This is the last week of the transfer, I tell you next Monday of any changes. How are Trinity, Everett, and Sam doing, it has been I while since I've heard from them. The missionary board, how is that looking? How is Bianca doing, it has been a while hearing from her too. I am still losing weight and staying healthy (I work out everyday, haha). There is really nothing new in my life. Still happy, haha. Time to go. I love you all.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Elder Tellez 10-1-12 Email

Hello everyone. How is everyone? I'm sorry about last weeks email. I wrote it, sent it, but it turns out that it didn't send and there was an error. Haha, I guess I have bad luck with the whole emailing thing. My week was met with great challenges and super exhaustion. As I mentioned in last week's email that didn't send, we had 8 PEOPLE with a baptismal date for yesterday! As a zone we were going to baptize 19! It was going to be a bautizona, or, when all of the companionships in the zone baptize which is really impressive. We were so under pressure the week, our leaders called us every night and we called all of the missionaries of the zone every night to see how their dates are going. The ending result: my companion and I baptized zero and as a zone in whole, we baptized 3. What a big difference, right? My head basically exploded when I was calling up the district leaders for their reports of the week and when Elder Holland, the assistant to the president called me for the report on the zone. It wasn't because I was angry, but because it was an epic fail. I guess we had something to learn this week. We were too centered on numbers and not the people. We are teaching souls, children of God, and our fellow brothers and sisters. Throughout the week I was reflecting on true conversion and I was thing about the people that I have baptized throughout my mission; were they God's converts or were they my convert's? And then I was wondering about my own conversion, am I really converted? I have a testimony or am I just saying what everyone else says: "I know that....". That's really what we a need to think about. "Do I have a testimony?" That is the reason why people fall away from the church or become inactive because they haven't obtained their own testimony and when they get offended by someone or something happens they fall away. Obviously, you aren't alone, the are great people with the walls of the church the can help you. These were the kind of things that were running through my mind. Anyway, I am so happy for gramma and the outside of her apartment looks nice. I don't want to be captain obvious but time is flying by and we are already in October and 2012 will come to a close then hello 2013, haha, wow. There are no pics because I didn't take any this week, I'm sorry. I commented in the unsent email that all of my pics on my camera from January up until now were magically erased, like what happened in January, haha. Time to start over. Also I said that Bianca should email me because I haven't heard from her in a long time. Ok, gotta go. I love you all.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Elder Tellez 9-17-12 Email

This week was good. We had stake conference here in Martinez. President Lopez came and spoke. We also had 5 baptisms in our zone. We baptized 1 in my area. We had a baptismal service Saturday and another Sunday after the conference. There were 60 or more people in the baptism on Sunday, 15 of which we investigators. We have a goal of 8 baptisms this week as a zone. In my area(s) we are going to baptize 2 or 3. I say areas because we have two wards now, Ejidal and Martinez, because Elder Sulzen (the elder without a companion) is now our companion. I'm loving it here, it is just really hot. It is just a small town, but I know like 6 people who speak fluent english. My direction is the calle articulo (I think) 27 between the calles Martinez de la Torre and Lopez Mateo in the colonia Ejidal. It is the great and spacious building (the only one). I have climbed up the hill, now that was that slow and hard part. Now, I am going down and that is the quick and easy part, haha. The year mark has come (finally), but I still love the mission. I'm so happy for you gramma that you are moving into the apartment, I can't wait to see some pictures. Mama, 2nd counselor in the young womens, haha, that's cool. I love Joshua's section shirt. My favorite part is the "Little John", haha. What is the name of his band director, is he old, does he have a family, is he cool? Yay, General Conference is coming up in a couple of weeks. Happy early birthday to Bianca "the old lady" 23, wow. This will be the last birthday she has with me on a mission, haha. Can you check when the enrollment is for BYU Hawaii in the winter 2013 semester or spring 2014 semester, like when the money plan and application deadline are? Depending on that I might come home a couple of weeks earlier. But I don't know. Ok time for me to go. I love you all.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Elder Tellez 9-10-12 Email

Hello family. How is everyone? I'm great. I'm loving my new assignment as zone leader. My companion is awesome. In fact I have another companion, Elder Sulzen (the tall american in the baptismal photos). I count him as a companion bacause he doesn't have a companion so he stays with us or goes with youth from his ward. Gramma: My mission president is President Lopez. You would send packages to the address of the new mission office that I sent in one of my emails in July. I'm not sure what the location of my house is yet but I will get that info for ya'll next week. Martinez is relatively small. There is no Walmart or anything like that. There are two stores: Bodega Aurrera and Chedraui. Aurrera is a branch off of Walmart but not as cool. Chedraui is a mexican store equal in size to a Walmart supercenter but obviously doesn't a whole bunch of american things. I actually like Chedraui, so that's good. There is a Domino's and it delivers to my apartment, haha, finally. The city is too small to have a whole bunch of awesome restaurants but big enough to have it's own stake. My zone has two district leaders. In total, my companion and I are over 5 companionships (not including us but including Elder Sulzen) or 9 misionaries. There are two sister misionaries in our zone (as you can tell in the photo). The taller sister is brand new in the mission and she speaks really good english (she is from Mexico). My companion is working really hard to learn english so that he can go to BYU. He knows alot already so we talk a lot of english. He ends his mission in January along with Elder Sulzen. That is all the time that I have. I love you all.
Elder Escobar and Elder Jensen went on a 10 mile up and down hills bike ride to Block Island with the Narragansett Elders. Pretty nice scenery!

Elder Everett Escobar 9/10/2012


Sorry if there is not too much in this letter. I am writing it in a hurry and so yea that's why. But it does sound like you all had fun this week, except for Aaron's Subway incident. So this week has been busy busy busy with meetings and will probably be that way for the remainder of the month. Please pray for one of our investigators, Michael, he bore his testimony last Sunday and said he is ready to get baptized this month. However, a few family conflicts arose on Tuesday and his adult son, Justin went missing. They don't have any leads as of right now on where he could be ): So Michael is under a lot of stress and I don't know how he is going to handle it. Other than that we are strengthening our relationships with the members and helping them with their callings which helps us in return, find more less-actives and potential investigators. So we haven't done too much teaching with investigators this week but we plan on teaching plenty this week and the coming week after that. We were having a ridiculous time with members feeding us, so I have pretty much spent all of my msf on food that is at the apartment. However, the members as of yesterday started feeling bad for us, because the bishopric complained for us and so now we have 4 families signed up to feed us this week. 2 weeks ago we went on P-Day to Block Island with the Narragansett Elders, we had to take a ferry, it was fun and we had a good time. Rode a bike for 10 miles up and down and up and down hills, my thighs were crying in agony, but it was good exercise though. Today I am on exchanges with Elder Munson, so that's why I didn't e-mail earlier. Well gotta go...

With much love,
Elder Everett Alan Escobar

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Elder Tellez 9-3-12 Email

Hello, how is everyone doing? I'm great. So, I found out that there was a Pizza Hut in my area. But, I'm being transferred, haha. Tomorrow I will be going to Martinez de la Torre. I will be a zone leader. Now, I will explain what a zone leader does: there are two zone leaders in a zone (my companion, Elder Valdez, and me). A zone consists of a couple of districts (I was district leader). The zone leaders conduct zone conferences and zone meetings. We do baptismal interviews for the people that our district leaders are going to baptize. There are six zones in the Xalapa mission: Xalapa zone, Poza Rica zone, Papantla zone, Tuxpan zone, Teziutlan zone, and the newly opened Martinez de la Torre zone. Up until tomorrow, the Martinez zone has been a part of the Teziutlan zone. I'm really excited for this new assignment and for a new area. I will truly miss Xalapa for the weather. Martinez is super hot like Poza Rica so I'm trying to get ready for that, haha. Today I had the greatest burger ever, a Carl's Jr burger, ahhhhhhhhhh. We also had some Dominos. There aren't any Carls Jr's in Houston are there? If there are then that is awesome, if not, then we need one. That's all for today, haha. I love you all.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Elder Waddell 8-27-12

So transfers happened. I will be leaving on Tuesday
for Fairbanks 5th ward. I'm also training a new
missionary that I'll meet Tuesday morning. So that's kind of
exciting. It's weird because I didn't feel like I should be leaving
yet. And we now have someone who really seems like he'll progress but
I guess it's time for me to skidaddle for a few months. I'll probably
be back though. So I'm not too worried. I am a little worried because
we'll be whitewashing the area so I don't want to mess anything up
because they're doing good work up there right now. We'll see I guess.
I'm excited for the cold. So don't be surprised if a chunk of the
money on my card disappears. I'll need a coat. Hopefully I'll see
the northern lights and stuff. We'll see. I'm happy because we
finished our four transfers with the best week we've had last week.
And the best transfer I've had in my mission. So that's cool. I'm just
hoping I don't just fail with this new missionary. I'll give it my
all. Oh just a note to the girls they better send me lihing candies
when they get to school. Haha!  Things have been going really
well and I'm excited for the next set of adventures. Love you guys
Elder Waddell

Elder Tellez 8-27-12 Email

How is everyone doing? I'm good. This week, my companion and I were companions with one of the zone leaders, Elder LaBianca, because his companion, Elder Ursua, just ended his mission (he actually extended). We were his companion for one day, haha, now a youth is with him for the week until his new companion comes. Yup, transfers are next week. I will update ya'll next week. But more than likely I will stay here and my companion will leave. I'm about to get my 7th companion, WOW, haha. In the picture with missionaries in it, the man in the background with the suit is President Lopez the mission pres. He came to my district meeting with his assistants to see if I was doing a good job, haha, it went well. He gave me some productive criticism but for the most part he said it was an awesome class. We had a baptism yesterday. Her name is Lucero, she is awesome. She works at the restaurant of the ward mission leader. Now we are working with her 8 siblings. I recieved the money, ahhhhh what a blessing, thank you. Yeah about All Bran, it's ok, I love it and it was really cheap at Costco, haha. Well, time to end this lovely letter from the heart, haha. I love you all thhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss much........and more, haha.

Elder Tellez 8-20-12 Email

Hola familia mia. How is everyone? I hope good. I'm just swell, haha. So, it turns out another tropical storm or depression passed by this weekend. Like last week, nothing happened. I could buy shirts down here, they are cheaper. I just need money. Thank you for sending your talk, nice job, haha. I haven't spoken in a while, yesterday was missionary sunday, but my companion, the ward mission leader and the first counselor of the bishopric (there is no bishop but don't ask me why, haha) spoke. But I like it, I get to keep my peace, haha, remain silent. We have a baptism this week, Lucero, she is a worker at the restaurant of the ward mission leader. We might also baptize Patricia but she needs to get married. I actually have 35 baptisms but it's not really about numbers, haha. I hope all is well up there in Texas. I will call President Lopez to see if he has the money. I still have stomach problems but I guess i'm used to them that they don't bother me, haha. Anything new in the ward or stake? Anything new in Dayton or Liberty? Anything new in general? Time to go. Sorry I don't write much, but it comes from the heart. Until next week. I love you!!!!


Hey, my new companion is Elder Jensen! He is really cool. He is from Montana, he is the second of ten children. His family just moved to Sandy, Utah. He didn't like the MTC, haha. He likes football, ultimate frisbee, and anything outdoors. He is 19 years old and has done 2 years of college, he graduated a year early. He wants to become an engineer. How is school going for the boys? My burn on my arm is healing up pretty well, I am super tired. But I still feel happy. The missionary that baptized Caleb was Elder McQueen, one of his past missionaries (the missionary that I replaced). So yes I did teach Caleb. Training is different, but I can already tell that I have room for growth spiritually and that this will be learning process for both Elder Jensen and I. As of right now we don't really have any miles on our car so things are kind of tight, teaching-wise. We have been walking A LOT! Walking reminds me of my first area in Cambridge. Its so hard to believe that a year has gone by, ever since my 6 month mark, time has just come and gone like no one's business. As of right now I am just trying to sustain myself food wise for the rest of the month, so the money that grandma and grandpa sent is coming in handy. Please tell them 'thank you' and that 'I love them', for me if you haven't already. Everything is good here on the mission. So I believe that I did get that other package apparently (: So no need to worry. David is going to be a dad, changes just keep a rolling on by. Good for him. I will keep working and I love everyone of you very much, hope you have a great week, although it may be tiring.

Elder Everett Alan Escobar


This week has just chaotically zoomed right on by! Tendonitus: Eck! Seminary: Cool! Eagle Scout Project: Awesome! FBI Training: Interesting. (Is Dad switching over to the FBI or is he mustering in extra credentials for work?) Facebook Timeline?: What is that? I haven't been on Facebook at all. I didn't even know that Facebook had a timeline. I guess I'm out of the loop haha. So you wanted me to tell you all about my birthday, well other than district meeting, my burfday was kind of overlooked. I wanted it that way though. However, a lot happened on my birthday. First before I get ahead of myself, Tuesday I went on tours with the Zone Leaders. Then on Wednesday we had Zone Conference on Wednesday, which was nice. President Packard taught us more about working with the members in our wards. The next day, celebrated my birthday after district meeting and later, I got burned from a light bulb (as silly as that sounds). It hurt though, it was burning hot and melted off the top layer of skin on my arm. I'm pretty sure that a scar will result from that. The day after that we had a Ward Movie Night, we watched The Testaments and Brother Stabley (a less-active, that we have been working with) came so it was a success. Then finally on Saturday after a stressful morning we had the baptism of Caleb Dugan. I didn't tell anyone that it was my birthday because I wanted it to be Caleb's special day and I didn't want to steal some of his lime-light, so that why my birthday got overlooked; but I'm perfectly fine with that. Then later on Saturday I received a phone call from President Packard and I not only have the call to be a District Leader, but a call to be a Trainer was extended to me and of course, I accepted. So Elder Carlson is getting transferred to Amherst, Massachusetts tomorrow and I will meet my 'son' at transfer meeting. You didn't think that I would have a son this early did yah?! Haha. Elder Yim will be at the transfer meeting too, so we can take a generation picture! It's going to be hard but I'm excited. So Saturday was a good day! And then on Sunday, Bishop Bailey asked us to speak on the Third Article of Faith; I tied it into missionary work of course. It was a spiritual experience, yet again don't remember exactly what I said. In preparing I just made a simple outline of the points that I wanted to cover and came up with multiple ideas. In speaking I just let the spirit guide, I had studied and done my part. After sacrament meeting and even now the members are still thanking us for our talks and how we have inspired them to do more missionary work. Exciting week, it just went by so fast! So how are the Ginsels doing? Have they taken the discussions? How are the Stones? How is Travis doing at work? How are grandma and grandpa doing? I didn't not receive 5 packages this week, I received 4. But I got a notification from the mission office saying that there was a package for me, so I will get that tomorrow at transfer meeting. I received a card from my cousins in Juarez, I will write them back shortly. So thank you for the gifts, I have actually contemplated buying a sketch pad, I guess I don't have to buy one now. Well I guess I will e-mail you again on Monday, which will seem like tomorrow. I have gotten away from exercising because of all the meetings we have been having /: I will have to start back up with my son tomorrow. I have to drive early in the morning tomorrow and be at Belmont Chapel at 8am tomorrow, that's pretty nasty, oh well. I've gone through harder hours in the morning. I will send pics now.

Love your 20 year old son/brother/grandson/friend,
Elder Everett Alan Escobar

Monday, August 20, 2012

Elder Waddell 9-20-12

 Hello,Well this is the last week of the transfer. There's a
pretty good chance Elder Thorne and I will be here for a fifth
together but we might have a third guy. But whether I leave this time
or the next I want to go to Fairbanks next to get the "Alaska
experience" you know frostbite, northern lights, the whole bit. It's
looking like it's pretty likely that I'll only be in three or four
areas in my mission. I'll be in at least one more but I might just
come back to the branch after a little while in that one, but we'll
see. The work has been going alright. Our lowest number of lessons
this transfer was the same as our highest last transfer, so we're not
doing too bad. I've been studying the parables that Christ taught so
that's been pretty cool. It's pretty impressive how well he could
teach. I guess that makes sense. It turns out being sinless helps
you learn. Our biggest obstacle in learning anything, math, science,
religion whatever is that we sin. I kind of got a grasp on that a
little more recently. We had a guy whose wife seemed like she                                                                   would be a hindrance but her heart is softening and we're already seeing
her open up. Thanks for the pics and vid. Take care, Love Elder Waddell 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Elder Tellez 8-13-12 email

Hello, how is life? This week was fun. We had some crazy rain that felt so good. At the end of the week, we found out that it was a tropical storm, haha. No damage happened or anything, but yeah. It was a good week. I am so glad that there are changes happening, I like that. I don't, however, want to be in a different house when I return, but oh well, haha. Change is great though, haha. Wow, we are a Jack in the Box family, haha. We didn't have a baptism this week, but there will be one this week. We just have to first marry them. Send the money through Western Union or however you did it last time, I think through the mission president. The address is in one of the emails. I really can't think of anything to talk about right now, haha. I am still healthy as a horse and still loving the mission. I will take more pictures this week. It is just that the camera was out of battery. Please send the money as soon as possible. Did you find the apartments where I live? I'm sorry, I have a headache it is hard to concentrate. Thank you so much for the emails. When does school start? This is a late reaction, is Aaron in band? What instrument does he play? Joshua took band again this year? WOW I am happy, hehe. Time to go. I'm going to go rest a little before we start working again at 6. I love you all.