We have 4 outstanding young men in our small ward in Liberty, Texas that have been called to serve a mission. It will be fun to have our ward family follow their experiences through this blog. Elder Clegg left July 20,2011 for the Idaho, Pocatello mission, Elder Waddell left July 27, 2011 for the Alaska, Anchorage Spanish speaking mission, Elder Escobar left in August for the Massachusetts, Boston mission, and Elder Tellez left September 14, 2011 for the Mexico, Veracruz Spanish speaking mission. We are so very excited that these fine young men have chosen to serve the Lord.

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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Elder Tellez 7-30-12 email

Hola famila mia,
How is life? I'm doing good. I sent a picture of the baptism of Emireth from a week ago. There are also pictures of the other two baptisms that we had here in Xalapa. The older lady that was baptized is Edith, her husband has been a member since he was a child and has been inactive since, her daughter and one of her sons was recently baptized. She has been wanting to get baptized for some time now be wasn't married, they got married this Wednesday. They are planning to get sealed in a year. The teenage girl is Monserrat, she lives in Mexico City but is here on vacation. E. Valtierra thought that she was a member because she went to church every sunday in a dress and things with her aunt and cousins that are in our ward. This Tuesday (my first day) we go to a house of a member because my companion needed to go to the bathroom and she was there. She commented that she wasn't a member and wanted to get baptized. So, we immediatly (spelled wrong) taught her the lessons and was baptized this Saturday!!!! The blessings from God, right!!!! My direction is on the corner of Ebano and Mitla in the colonia Veracruz. Xalapa is awesome, it has two Walmarts, two Sam's Clubs, many Burger King's and Mcdonalds, a Chilis, a Taco Bell, Home Depot, a couple of Office Max's, and other things. The sad thing is that all of that is on the other side of town. My area is the ghetto part, haha. There are two Dominos and a Pizza Hut and we wanted some pizza Saturday, so we call them up and they refuse to deliver here because it is dangerous, haha. I love it though, the people are more humble and stuff. I have an apartment, there is no AC, but no one needs it. No one has AC, not even the church buildings. It is literally cold here year round. It is so high up I guess. I actually get cold at night, haha. We have a water heater in the apartment so I bathe with hot water, haha. There are 3 companionships in my district: my companion and me, the zone leaders E. LaBianca and E. Ursua (pictured in the photo of the baptism), and sister missionaries Hermana Solis and Hermana Rodriguez. So, it is incredibly easy, haha. There are so many hills in my area. This just happens to be the area where E. Barnes and E. Lastra (after he was with me) were at. I'm good with american snacks that I love and socks and the Lion King CD in the package. I will be happy with whatever you put, haha. Thank you, I love you. Being in the same city as the offices does mean that I will get mail sooner, yup. Time to go. Send me many emails and photos and news. I love you, bye.

Elder Tellez 7-23-12 Email

How is everyone? I hope fine. So, I am being transferred tomorrow to Xalapa in the Museo Ward and will be district leader. What I will de is: give interviews to the baptismal candidates, teach classes every Tuesday to my district which consists of 2 to 4 companionships, do divisions with the other missionaries, and other stuff, haha. We baptized this week, yaya!!!!! I baptized this 16 year old girl named Emireth, she has been going to the church since January going to activities, mutual, sacrament meeting, basically a member, but her mom never signed the paper and wouldn't let her get baptized. We finally got the signature, it was like christmas in July!!!!!! I promised her a long time ago that I would baptize her and that is what happened yesterday at 5!!!! I really don't tan, I got even redder this week, haha, it's the life. My zone leaders just told me not to put that many virgins on the box, that's all. I had this awesome burger at Burger King Saturday. It was a Whopper with this patty of cheese inside it as well, like a cheese stick but in patty form. I don't know if you have that on there but if so, get it, the Cheesy Whopper. People have said that Xalapa is a lot colder because it is up higher on mountains and hills and such. It is the capital of Veracruz so it is huge. I have heard that it is nice and clean. I can't wait, Poza Rica is just nasty. The have everything there from a Cosco to Mcdonalds. I will be in the city in fact, yay. My companion will be Elder Valtierra, he is mexican. I knew him before when he was in Poza Rica. He has one more month than me, he was actually district leader where he is at, but I guess he did something and got bumped down. He is awesome and a great missionary I know that we will have a good time and become better missionaries. Ok I will send the pictures next week because I don't have time. I love you all.

Elder Tellez 7-16-12 Email

Hello, How are you all doing? I'm good. Thank you for the letters. I'm still alive and kicking, haha. We didn't baptiize this week either. We have 8 people for this week though. This package that you are going to send, don't put so many virginson the box. Two or one is ok. It has been raining alot here and a lot of flooding because they don't have a good water system. We met President Lopez this past Thursday, he is awesome. He doesn't know any english but wants to learn. He turns 49 this year. He has 3 kids, 2 of which go to BYU Provo and one just got married to an american and just had their first kid. The other kid goes to a mormon school in Mexico City. He looks and reminds me of Brother Hair, haha, that's awesome. I got the money. Thank you Paw Paw and Grandma Debbie. Thansfers come this next week so this coming Monday, I will tell you the changes. I asked the president to put more missionaries in Coatzintla, and he is going to do it but in a couple of months. It is just about time to go. I love you all. Email me, haha.

Elder Tellez 7-9-12 Email

This is the new mission address: Misión México Xalapa Av. Arco Vial Sur #738 Colonia Lomas Verdes Xalapa, Veracruz C.P. 91098 Send the packages and everything else to this address. Tel. 228.201.4016 So I recieved the package. I love it. None of the CDs work. In the CDs there are no tracks or different songs, all of the songs are bunched into one track. They don't work period. Why didn't you send my InsideOut CD? Thank you though. The food is good and I am loving the socks. Yes, Mr. Conte went back to college, Mr. Malone is back with the 6th grade and Ms. Woods is the Jr High director again. Sister Waddell told me all of this in a letter that she sent me two weeks ago, haha. How is everyone doing? I hope everyone is just grand. I'm still good. We didn't baptize this week, I know, how sad. We have about 8 people for this week though, let's just hope that they all go through. I didn't take pictures this week because I forgot where I put my camera until today, haha. I have a feeling that I well be transferred at the end of this transfer (two weeks). one of the assistants to the president called and wanted to talk to my companion and asked him how I was doing and if he thinks I'm a leader. So I guess we will wait and see. They have also been asking about all of my baptisms and how many of my converts are still active. Nothing new has really happened besides the change of the missions. I have learned how to work with the members, so, help the missionaries out. Always find opportunities to preach the gospel, don't be scared or ashamed of what you know. Don't worry, the church is true, haha. The spirit will help you and testify with you of the truthfulness of the gospel. Missionary work IS the Work of the Lord. Every member is a missionary. I love you all and I'll talk to you next week.

Elder Tellez 7-2-12 Email

Hello family and other people who might read this!!!!!!!! How are you doing? Starting today, I am in the Xalapa mission. This past saturday, Pres. Treviño and his family came to Poza Rica to say goodbye. We also had a baptism this Saturday, the son of the lady we baptized last week. He has come a long way since the first time we met. I might not baptize anybody this week and might end my baptism streak (8 weeks in a row). But we are teaching a bunch of people will get baptized in the next couple of weeks. So, who is the new high school band director? Why did Ms. Woods get put down back to the jr high? Did she want to? We found some honey nut cheerios. apple cheerios, cherry coke, and cherry dr pepper, how awesome!!!! We also found pop tarts and Eggo waffles. I still haven't gotten the package yet. I found out how to de some cool stuff with my camera. You should send me the Lion King CD because it is Disney and any other Disney CDs you may have (preferably Beauty and the Beast). Thanks for the pictures, they look awesome. There is a wax museum in Veracruz, but it doesn't look like I will go there haha. Everybody looks so big in the pictures!! Everyone is tall. Well my time is up. Love you all!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Tellez 6-25-12 Email

I realized that I hadn't posted emails in awhile so now I will catch you up :-)
Hello, How is life up there? Thank you for the pics of the stake center and of the youth conference. This week was basically the same as every week. We baptized the mom of the girl that we baptized last week. Memo, the brother, wanted to wait til next week, but he still has problems so we might postpone it. We have a couple of other possibilities this week as well. This is my last week in the Veracruz Mission. I didn't have Dominos this week :( we had some other pizza that tasted like cardboard. it is my desire this week to go to Church's chicken and just buy mashed potatoes w/ gravy and biscuits, ahhhhhh. You know how they always say that you will eat something weird on your mission???? Well there is a story from this week, haha: We bought some tacos from this place, went back to the house with the food. Looked at the meat and noticed that there wasn't any. We asked someone who know what it was and they said it was the stomach, liver, fat, and other stuff from a pig. Elder Lee refused to eat it but I was hungry so i ate mine and his, haha. This happened wednesday and i still feel good, haha. Weird food story of the week, haha. We have a missionary activity every Friday where we invite converts, less actives, and investigators. Well, this week I came up with the idea to do a "make it yourself" burrito night. Burritos are a tex-mex food not a mexican so no one has really heard it before. I'm still slimming down and building up muscles. Well it is about that time to say bye. I love you all!!!!! Send a bunch of emails and pics.

Elder Waddell 7-30-12

 Hey hey. yep a year gone by. This time next year I'll be on my way
back. So I guess I still have a while to go. Yeah. we burned shirts that
we found. It was exciting. I just bought a year mark tie or two....
ha sorry. This week has been pretty good. Just moving
along. I'm starting to think we need to reevaluate our game plan
because sometimes it feels like we're just spinnin our wheels and not
getting any real growth. So we'll see. We met some new people and
stuff like that. Brother Samuelson is visiting this week so we'll get
to see him. That'll be cool.  I don't know, not much to say.
I'm glad girls camp was fun. I got the letter from the Escobars so
that was cool. The branch is moving locations this week and we'll be
sharing a chapel with another English ward, and the times are
changing, so that might be a headache. Well love you guys. Have fun
for the little summer that's left. All is well in Zion. Love, Elder Waddell
Elder Everett Escobar 7/30/2012


Yes this week we did get a bad storm, which caused temporary flash floods. So the storm came in the later part of the evening and we were on our way home and I kind of drove through a miniature river of water that covered part of the road. There was no way to get around, so I drove right through it, fast enough to make sure that no water got into the tail pipes of the car. Other than the miniature river it wasn't that bad.

I feel super tired, but yet I feel super happy about this week, we kept pretty busy. So right now we have 3 baptismal dates, 2 of which are scheduled for August 18. We gained 3 New Investigators and we had 14 members coming out with us last week. That's the highest total number of members helping this ward has ever seen. Usually there's only 2 members that help a week.The tides have definitely changed, we are seeing the hand of the Lord in our efforts as we strive to be EXACTLY obedient. This week we went on splits with a member of the Bishopric, Brother Bremer, and the Young Men's President, President Spencer. I went with Brother Bremer to see the Chaves Family (recently turned semi-less active) and Brother Stabley (a less active member, that is a old friend of Brother Bremer. I had never met Brother Stabley before). In our meeting with Brother Stabley the Spirit was definitely present and it guided me in my words and actions. I still don't really know what I said or what scriptures I shared with him. However, there was one point that I do remember in the lesson where there was a pause because Brother Stabley needed to go get something. And I turned to look at Brother Bremer and there were tears in his eyes and all he did was smile and faintly nod at me. On the car ride home, I asked Brother Bremer if I could have done anything better in the lesson. And he told me that the lesson was perfect, that it was exactly what he needed to hear (yet again I don't even know what I said) and that I apparently addressed Brother Stabley's concerns as if I had known him for some time (it was my first time meeting the guy). I was in complete awe. Brother Bremer later talked about how missionaries seem to always come and go. Then he said, 'Elder Escobar, I along with the rest of the ward will truly be grieved when you are gone.' He then explained that his vision for the Newport Ward is coming true. We had a very in-depth gospel conversation about the ward and how it is progressing. I share this event this week not to boast of my own strength, but to boast in the strength of the Lord. And to show that I just as anyone else can become instruments unto God, if our desires and efforts are meant to bring about His work.

I haven't heard from anyone in Liberty Ward lately, but I have heard from Sister Hayes (Beaumont Branch) and from Sister Sophia Gawu (who is in New Jersey serving her mission). Apparently I didn't make this connection before but Pres. Packard is Pres. and Sister Hayes's nephew and that Pres. and Sister Hayes will be serving in this mission in 2014. Interesting! But I have had a great time this week and we are shooting even higher. Stay busy, sounds like you already are. And yes please tell Matt & Kristin, 'Hello' for me. Hope that you enjoy the rest of summer.


Elder Everett Alan Escobar

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Elder Everett Escobar 7/23/2012

Hola mi familia,

This was such a good week! We had plenty of meetings and lessons. First I just have to say that the whole entire meeting and interview was terrific, it was definitely inspired. President Packard told us of his vision for us and for the whole mission, it was so spirtitual. I really don't even know how to describe it but it was just a perfect transition from President Evans views and goals to President Packard. We are now focusing on being in the homes of members as often as possible. In doing so, you are hitting multiple birds with one stone. The work is only successful through the members (no matter if they are active or less-active). I will send an outline of notes and goals that I started embarking on, to better increase the participation in the ward, it maybe very useful to the missionaries in Liberty Ward. After all Liberty Ward will soon become a stake! (: Or at least, I think so especially with everyone getting pregnant, haha! My interview with President Packard started off as simple as it could be, with him asking questions to get to know me better. But not too long after answering these questions we both simultaneously exchanged wisdom of deeper doctrinal connections such as identity, perspective, agency, and the continual journey of progression, it ended up being one of the longest interviews (oops, sorry to all the other missionaries that were waiting in line). During and after the interview I felt a rejuvenation and a strengthening of desire and I felt like both Pres. Packard and my vision for the mission and it's abounding areas were the same. United in perspective and thought. It was so great. I have committed myself to be exactly obedient and I have already seen more blessings coming into effect. Ever since my interview with Pres. Packard, every single day I have received many revelations and incites to the scriptures and life. I have been writing all of these spiritual acknowledgments down. I have also begun my reading in The Book of Mormon again, except I am taking Elder Bruce R. McConkie's challenge and counsel and am writing down each and every verse in my own words. I am currently in 1 Nephi Chapter 5 and it is a long process of growing patience and understanding but I am enjoying it and I feel a deeper, more personal connection to the scriptures. Call me crazy for taking on this challenge, but it is a very unique experience that forces the mind into deeper thought. I feel my knowledge, understanding, and testimony expanding in the gospel. I am happy and full of joy. This week we have gained 3 New Investigators and have 4 investigators that want to be baptized within the coming weeks. Just as I predicted when I first got to this area, "This is the silence before the storm." And the great and beautiful storm of the gospel is making it's presence known along the horizon and coasts of the Newport Area. Press Forward Saints!

I will have to send you the Smith Family's address next week, I don't have my address book with me. I don't remember the last time that I heard from them. I should write them as well. Along the lines of school for 2013, I am thinking and praying about the matter. If I were to leave a transfer before my projected return home, that transfer would end on July 25th. I have not made my decision yet or talked with President Packard yet about the matter. However, just to let you know; in Weston I mentioned to the Shearer Family that we may be touring the mission after my mission ends and they said that they would be delighted to be the stationary home for our time here in the mission. The Shearers have let several missionaries and their families stay in their home. Just thought that I might bring that up to you, I could get their address and number for you.

What do you want me to do pertaining to my eyes and teeth? Cause right now I am kind of stuck. Adam's engaged? No way! Wow! Yet again many changes are happening in Liberty Ward.

As to missionary work: I am ALL IN, I have and will continue to place all that I have upon the altar of our Lord. Hope you have a good week.

Love you and share my love to those in Liberty Ward,

Elder Everett Alan Escobar

Elder Everett Escobar 7/16/2012


My week was pretty good, gained one investigator and had a total of 8 members come out with us this week. I am tired! And time keeps going by faster, I don't like it. It's been super hard to keep the records up to date, it's like we are never home except for morning studies and when it's time to go to bed. But somehow we find time to update the Area Book. In my opinion, the months are starting to seems like days (month=day). Anyways, we are still trying to fuel the fire in the ward, especially for referrals. Because when we go out contacting we only seem to find tourists and we can't do anything with them, except give them a pass-along card. Then if we go tracting, like no one is home cause they are at the beach soaking up some sun. Too bad we can't really go contacting at the beach! It seems to be the Hot Spot/Watering Hole. So now we are having to rely more heavily on the members. Oh and somehow when we go finding, Mitt Romney's name is never brought up in a conversation; I find that interesting. However, I have seen a lot of Mitt Romney bumper stickers lately (: Maybe that's a good sign.

So Danny has 7 cavities, Wowzers! Lay off the sugar buddy and brush your teeth more haha. Aaron has band practice, eck! Mom is blowing her mind out studying for seminary and taking care of the rest of the family. And Dad is building 2 houses, working full-time both career and church calling-wise. Sounds like a bowl full of fun, intense, randomness. Well at least you are keeping busy and not wasting time lounging around. Oh a song popped in my head, 'Count your many blessings, name them one by one...'. Well our Zone is having individual interviews with President Packard this Wednesday, ought to be fun. I think this week is going to be busy for the both of us. Oh, it just dawned on me that, I'm going to have to be looking to apply/sign-up for school pretty soon, YEAH! Ok.

Love you,

Elder Everett Alan Escobar

Elder Everett Escobar 7/11/2012


Well I have to say, 'Congrats' to the Chick'eh Snake Killah, he's got a pretty good shot; shooting that thing right between the eyes. But the question is: Did he eat it afterwards? I wouldn't be surprised if he did, being Mr. Natureman. That's cool though went to go get a squirrel and got the Grand Prize, a chick'eh snake. How's Danny doing? I don't think that you mentioned anything about him. So Dad is the Ward Mission Leader, sweet. Hopefully, he will still have that calling when I get back; because I would like to help as well (: So Grandma and Grandpa are cleaning out your room for seminary, I hope you are ready to get up that early Mom? 11 students that's a lot, that's good though, growth is good.

Well Elder Carlson did not know Elder Archuleta, Elder Carlson was in the MTC about 6 months ago, he has been out for almost 4 transfers. Last week was very slow and it didn't help that all of our appointments with investigators got cancelled due to them getting ill, camp, or their family unexpectedly dropping in on them to go out for a vacation. And we didn't have the greatest time finding people to teach either. However, due to inspiration and taking actions of preparation on our part last week we have a giant list of all Less-Actives, Potential Investigators, Former Investigators, and Media Referrals in the Area Book to make appointments with. So even though our numbers were pretty bad last week, we are doing more than making up for it this week. We are already off to a good start. Yesterday, was JAM-PACKED with lessons and I am still really tired, it was really good though. Oh and now we have 1 New Investigator and we had 6 different members help us yesterday. Which was amazing! I expect some major growth to come from this, this ward needs it and so far we are seeing good results, so I'm happy. So along with the changes that are happening back home, there are a few changes happening here as well. We have a New Mission President and his family, who are really amazing I really enjoy them. And transfers are happening tomorrow and the only change is that I am now District Leader, I got that call from President Packard last Saturday. The rest of the district and I were kind of expecting it too. So those are my changes for this week. I will get to know President Packard better near the end of the month because that is when he will be doing individual interviews with us.

And yes, I need to focus on finding and setting up appointments for both the dentist and optometrist. I will write that down on my To-Do List. Well I hope that all of you have a great week and I look forward to writing you next Monday.


Elder Everett Alan Escobar

Elder Everett Escobar 7/2/2012

Well to tell you the truth, I feel like we haven't done too many 'noteworthy' things this week however I do feel like it was somewhat constructive. We did gain a new investigator, Justin, he's Catholic (but not for long). He is the nephew of a recent convert in the ward and he has shown some interest in learning more about our faith. Most of this week was getting the Area Book back in order (it wasn't very good when I got here) and also preparing for this week with the new program that we are launching. So in the program we are trying to get all the members in the ward to read all of The Book of Mormon along with us in a 6 month period. We are trying to get members to come out with us every day of the week. We are also striving to use the Member Missionary Lessons (legit, which I will introduce to Liberty Ward when I get home. It's going to spread like wildfire) and commit and follow-up with the members to find and invite people to learn more about the gospel. We also have arranged an allotment of activities that the members can bring their non-member finds to and be comfortable in doing so. So yea that's what we have been mainly working on. Yesterday was rainy but other than that there has been sunshine, I did actually have a bad cold at the beginning of the week but I am fine now. So yes, Pres and Sis Packard are now here in the mission, I have not seen them yet but will on Wednesday. Exciting! Transfers are coming up yet again; craziness. Oh I guess I didn't tell you that I downgraded to a 2 Elder apartment, which it was wild and fun. Eh, there's pros and cons to it. Elder Carlson doing great. He is from Delta, Utah (no idea where that's at, never heard of it till now). He did a semester of college at Utah Valley University. He has 3 other brothers; 2 older, 1 younger. He came out to the mission in January and he has been here since then. So I'm pretty sure he's leaving soon either this transfer or the next. He still has that greenie/innocent feel to him so I'm pretty sure it will be good for him to see other parts of the mission. When you come here after my mission, I'm pretty sure you will enjoy Newport, it's pretty nice but the cost of living here is depressing (or so I've been told). They have the famous 'Escobar Farms' here as well.
Sounds like there are going to be a whole lot of new surprises with callings and what not in the new stake, I'm pretty sure everyone is anxious to know what their new calling(s) will be. It must be interesting to be in that position that everyone is in right now.

By the way, I haven't heard from the Smiths' in a while but went through my address book and saw them, but I forgot to bring it with me so that I could give it to you. I don't remember if I did give you their address. Did I? Please refresh my memory. Don't have any pics of me this week, sorry.

Love you,

Elder Everett Alan Escobar

Elder Everett Escobar 6/25/2012

Hey!I'm glad to hear that Dad and Grandpa got my Father's Day cards. Well it was sunny all this week! And today its POURING down rain ): at least we are not proselyting right now. Anyways, last Monday we went on the Cliff Walk and after that had lunch on the beach, so that was nice. I got just a little hint of paradise haha. Since it is summer and since Newport is a touristy area it has been very hard to find a potential or even a new investigator that lives here. Have had a few good experiences tracting, but nothing has come of it yet. Still have my head high, because the faithful members in Newport are coming out with us more often than usual. I think they even want to see some new faces in the chapel. Other than that we have been pretty successful in activating less-active members, that seemed to be working well for us this week. 3 less-active families came to church after we stopped by and visited with them. We are about to start a program in the ward to teach members how they can get their friends, acquaintances, etc to be investigators for the missionaries. Crossing my fingers that it starts a BLAZING FIRE. Your visit to Nauvoo sounds amazing, I can't say that I'm not jealous right now. But where are the pics of you and Aaron and the Nauvoo Temple? Just curious. The pictures that you posted are cool though. Yet again it sounds like many changes are being made on the ward and stake level.


Elder Everett Alan Escobar

Elder Everett Escobar 6/11/2012

Well Rhode Island is not too shabby, I like it. We have been doing a lot of service in the community lately. Oh and the rain has slacked off and it is bright and sunny, just the way I like it. I always seem to be in a better mood when it is sunny. And I have learned my way around the area, roadways and such. It is very nice out here, a lot to see, however, it is hard to take a picture and drive, so I end up not taking a picture at all. Driving is okay, I would like it a lot more if the CD player and AUX Input worked, oh well. We will get a new car pretty soon. People are generally nice and little more polite here. However, all of our long....finding efforts all this week has not sprouted into anything as of yet. Well I take that back, I got a little tan haha. We are having the members sign-up to come out with us during the week, so it seems like the members are putting in a bigger effort in helping and supporting us. Unlike, the sign-ups to come out with us, our dinner calendar has been well um empty-sh, so hopefully that gets better. I have already spent way more than half of my support card money on food from the grocery store and as of right now there isn't much to eat at the apartment /: Oh joy...here we go again, it's alright. So everyone was asking about me at church?! Interesting, well I just sent off my 'WARD LETTER' to Bishop Thomas, so tell him to be on the look out for that. That's crazy not knowing where you stand! And a multi-lingual stake! Sweet, I'm in. That's cool, that will be good for everyone. Dad doing flips off the diving board? Somehow I cannot picture that in my mind but I can see how he regrets doing it now haha. It's so crazy to hear that these people just graduated, it doesn't seem possible. Oh um, I forgot to tell you that we have a Walmart nearby here in Newport, so I'm happy. Hopefully that makes things easier with the eye-prescription/contact situation. Still going to see if I can find a dentist. You and yes it's supposed to be getting HOT pretty soon. Tell Daniel Bryant, "Atah Boy!" and to "Keep It Up!" for me that is definitely good news, Going on a Mission. Well tell Grandma and Aunt Jean that I hope they feel better. They are in my prayers. Oh and yes Pres. and Sister Evans leave July 1st ): But then we have Pres. and Sister Packard (: I hope it will be a good transition. What is the family doing for the summer? Anything fun and exciting? Well hope you have a great week. Oh and for P-day today we are going on the 'Cliff Walk' so hopefully I get some good pics.


Elder Everett Alan Escobar

Elder Everett Escobar 6/4/2012

Hey! (:
Rhode Island, it is a little different...my new companion is Elder Carlson. Sorry, I forgot my USB Hardrive for the SDHC card so I can't send any pictures this week ): The new apartment is alright and yes I am HAPPY, Danny. I am driving and am the Senior companion, it was tough the first few days that I was here, because I didn't know ANYTHING about the area! So I have been reading over the area book and so now I don't feel as lost as I was. I have not been to where the mansions are, but we may go soon. It's been pretty rainy the past few days, which is hard for me, I strongly dislike the rain and annoying, barking dogs. Elder Carlson is good, he has been out for 3 months and is still learning the ropes, but yet he's teaching me the area. We are teaching each other. We have 5 investigators, none of them are progressing that much though due to certain situations. The Newport Ward is pretty cool, it's smaller in numbers but the young members (like kids and teenagers) do a lot of missionary work so there has been a lot of growth in the ward youth program. We are trying to get more members to come out with us to lessons. After church the ward feeds us and some of the serviceman (navy and coast guard personnel) in the ward. It's funny because they all come dressed in uniform, because after church and lunch they retire to the base. It's cool.

So other than the crazy switch-a-roos in the big Stake-SPLIT-CREATE_NEW-STAKE meeting. What other crazy things are happening in the world? Just wondering.....Pretty sure this e-mail sounds funny because I'm a little tired and scatter-minded at this point. Sorry that I don't have time on the computer to write individual letters to all of you, due to 'time limit' on the computer. But anyhow, oh, I need to get some stamps............so that I can mail some letters. Hope your summer is fun. Sadly, I see beautiful beaches but can't go on them hahaha. Bye!


Elder Everett Alan Escobar

PS Love you! and Tell Grandma and Grandpa that I love them too! All is well so far and hopefully it will stay that way...(pinky promise) (:

Monday, July 23, 2012

Elder Waddell 7-23-12

This week was pretty good. We broke our
record for lessons taught in a week and as far as the type of lessons
this week was way more effective than the other week when we had
almost as many lessons. So little miracle story that happened at the
beginning of the week I think. So, we got a random call from a lady who
the missionaries had taught before. She wanted us to help her help her
friend move some stuff around. So we set up a time to go help. When we
got there it turns out that this Spanish lady was actually taking care
of an older lady like a hospice type deal I think. The older lady
wasn't doing to well that day but she turned out to be a member. It
seemed like it was painful for her to speak but we gave her a blessing
then just stayed and talked with her. She had been told a lot that she
was going to die soon and she felt like it was getting closer so she
wanted us to rearrange stuff so the room wouldn't "look a mess when I
leave" She asked us what was taught about our spirits going between
this world and the spirit world. Then she asked us to tell a story
about Jesus to make her day brighter. So we got a chance to testify of
the plan that our Heavenly Father has set up and the love that our
Saviour and our Father have for us in one of the most simple and
sincere settings to someone who truly needed to feel of their love at
that very moment. We got to see the spirit of God comfort one of his
daughters who honestly thought she was about to die. I got to feel a
tiny piece of that charity, of that love that our Saviour has for each
and everyone of us. I got to actually be an instrument in his hands to
comfort one of the Fathers children. There is no greater blessing than
to know of the love they have for us and the things they've done for
us. There's no greater blessing than that infinite and eternal
sacrifice that makes it possible for us to taste a morsel of that
comfort. My eyes are being opened little by little everyday to the
miracles that before I would've passed over. God is really in every
stitch and seam of our lives. The atonement is real and I know my
Saviour would have done the same thing and felt the same things for
just me. If I were the only other person that would ever live and
learn on this earth my Father would have sent him and he would've
still sacrificed himself just for my sake. Because of that I can live
to see his hand in everything. Pray for that ability and you will not
fail to see at least one miracle everyday. sooo yeah that's how my
weeks been. I hope you guys are enjoying the sun! All is well in Zion.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Elder Waddell 7-16-12

Hey hey. This week has been pretty good. We taught more lessons than
we have been teaching recently and someone we're teaching came to
church for the first time in 7 weeks! woohoo! Thank you Morales
family. A family from the branch has been talking with her for a while
and they brought her yesterday and she's getting pretty interested. So
we're excited about her. Oh and typical Alaska story. We went to go
contact somebody that said they want to learn more and there was a
moose guarding the front door. soooo we didn't go, but that was cool.
We got transfer calls and we're staying together for a fourth
transfer, so hopefully we'll see some fruits this time. Oh yeah we had
a fireside for the branch. Some people who we're teaching came as well
though it was supposed to be specifically for the members. We hope it
helped them become a little more conscious of the fact they have
missionaries. But we couldn't do all the stuff we wanted since there
weren’t the same people as we expected but it was still really good and
the spirit was really strong. Pres Beesley is a boss. There were a lot
of little kids running around and being loud (we were in someone’s
house) so for his part he gathered the children and taught directly to
them then would look up and summarize and explain the story he told in
adult version and he got the children to "read" and stuff like that.
It was pretty cool. Oh man dad did the prayer in Spanish?? That’s
pretty cool. 25 people can speak Spanish in the ward? Man I'll
actually be able to learn Spanish when I come home ha. Hopefully some
more people come into the area. That's pretty exciting that the ward
is growing like that. Hopefully soon things will start picking up
here. Things are going well. We're happy to be staying for another
transfer.  We're staying positive and hopefully we'll continue to see
the blessings we've been seeing. I love you guys. All is well in Zion.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Elder Waddell 7-9-12

Hey thanks for the email.  I was wondering if you would be able to
watch that. Yeah, Elder Calk is pretty darn good, he's going home in a
week though and yeah he composes most of them I think he was one of
the ap's when I got here. Yeah we have some talent here and Elder
Tonga is awesome ha. Is elder Tupou from Juneau or Tonga? Man you guys
are really adopting the Spanish thing that's awesome. I hope I really
learn the language here so when I come back I can speak with all of
them. Oh before I forget could you get me the addresses of Clark
Vial, Justin Nickel, Kenton McCrae and such. That would be much
appreciated. Oh and Vince and Christopher. Haha, I don't think Anchorage
is the refiners fire for many. I think it's just the branch in
Anchorage. Of course every area has different struggles and stuff but
usually Anchorage is the easier place because there are actually
people to teach.  I love it here because this is largely what I was called to
Alaska for. I haven't found out what exactly, but to be in the
Branch is probably a big chunk of why I'm here. The work is harder
than other places. (well I believe so ha) But it's pretty specifically
what I was called to do. I'm almost done with The Book of Mormon in
Spanish. Only thirty more pages, and probably about the same amount
in English. So I'll finish it before the week is through. So that's
pretty exciting. So maybe I'll try to share a little miracle or two
that happens every week....let's see.... Oh there's a lady we helped
move with one of the families from the branch and we've been trying to
get in contact with her through them for months. The other day we
taught them and talked to them about getting in touch with her for a
dinner or something. The next day the man was preparing for his lesson
on missionary work when they went to the store and saw her, so with
everything fresh in their minds they talked to her and it turns out
she was having a hard time so they're trying to help her and she said
she wants to come to church. So that was cool. And this Sunday we gave
talks and mine was about how the purpose of this life is basically to
repent, to change our will to that of the fathers and the blessings
from it ,and Elder Thorne's was about the Holy Ghost. Afterward Pres.
Chavez told us that someone talked to him about stuff and that what we
talked about was exactly what one of the members needed to hear, so
that was a good experience. So things are going well here. Our pdays
have left something to be desired. I have not fished. This is
because it would cost 150 dollars unless I wait until September.
 I hope things continue to go well for you guys. Love you. All is
well in Zion. Love Elder Waddell

Friday, July 6, 2012

Elder Waddell 7-3-12

Hey things aren't too bad this week. Less than stellar or however you
spell it. But at the same time not too bad.  It might seem not as
good because my faith is a little lower than normal this week but
it'll be back up. RJ is second counselor. Nice.  Spanish branch in
Liberty??? Sweet.  I’ll definitely go when I get back  and look like a
goofy white kid trying to speak Spanish.  Did you like the music on
the  cd's?   I got Emily’s the other day she's really jumping
into the Spanish thing huh?? ha-ha yeah the counselor in the elders
quorum was presiding and we started with around 8 people not counting
us, but then more showed up again. You never know who's going to come,                                                     but it was a really good Sunday. Good lessons, good testimony

Yeah, I got to see all the young men from Ketchikan and a
lot of leaders we taught stuff from PMG and our group of kids were all
from Ketchikan. Man I miss that place and will probably be forever
a little bitter about not being there in the summer. But yeah it
was good to see all of them and to hear how people I worked with are
doing. A kid that Elder Satini and I found is getting baptized this
month so that's cool. This week has been interesting. We only had one
lesson that a member was able to come to (which are the most
important) and it was on Monday.... but 3 people said that they
would get baptized this week. One is from Honduras and we've been
teaching her the entire time I've been here. The problem is she works
Sundays and supposedly it's all about seniority as far as days off go.
So we're working with her on that. Another is from the Dominican
Republic and she also works on Sundays but the problem with her is she
can't really get a different job because she can't drive to it. Right
now she works with her husband so they go together. And at that job
Sundays are the biggest days prepping food for the rest of the week.
And another is a young man from the Dominican Republic and his is more
that he probably wouldn't have a lot of support from his family, so that is difficult.                                      But their testimonies are growing and eventually it
will just be a matter of desire. So we're trying to be really hopeful. Love you guys!