We have 4 outstanding young men in our small ward in Liberty, Texas that have been called to serve a mission. It will be fun to have our ward family follow their experiences through this blog. Elder Clegg left July 20,2011 for the Idaho, Pocatello mission, Elder Waddell left July 27, 2011 for the Alaska, Anchorage Spanish speaking mission, Elder Escobar left in August for the Massachusetts, Boston mission, and Elder Tellez left September 14, 2011 for the Mexico, Veracruz Spanish speaking mission. We are so very excited that these fine young men have chosen to serve the Lord.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Elder Everett Escobar  5/30/2012


So on the topic of my debit card, I had to use it because my support card was not working properly. No I have not used my gift card. Seminary Teacher, ew! Well don't you have a load to carry?! Big church meeting, excuse me, humungous explosive church meeting! Sounds legit, but a little sad, and to think that we just split from a stake not too long ago. Poor Aaron, oh well. Travis is moving on up! So this week is transfer week, trust me I wouldn't forget to write you. Oh Witerland came to church and still wants to get baptized, however, I have some news:

So this transfer almost everyone got hit with a curve ball, there were a lot of changes made in the mission. So believe it or not the Weston 1st Ward is getting shotgunned and it is the new 'Office Elder' area. So since it is now the 'Office Elder' area, there won't be as much missionary work going on, which is sad but the Lord knows best. 

So Elder White is going to Hartford, Connecticut and I am going to..............................................Newport, Rhode Island. Everyone has told me that Newport is beautiful, that I will be knocking on the doors of mansions, and that there is a pretty strong ward there. So I am excited. However, it has been hard to say goodbye/farewell to people, including our current investigators. It's sad because the missionary work was just picking up in this area. So we have been making our farewell runs throughout the week. So we have just been scrambling to see everybody these past three days. And I will be in my new area tomorrow. So I have pictures and I will probably have a little bit more to write about next week.

Love you guys,
Elder Everett Alan Escobar

Elder Waddell 5-29-12

Hey well as you can tell I couldn't email yesterday. Holidays are the  
worst as a missionary. The mail is closed so you know you won't get
any. Everybody is out doing stuff and nobody wants the Mormons to stop
by their house ha. And everything else is closed so you can't do

anything if it's pday. It's not that bad, but it's definitely not a
"holiday" 2 years without seminary Ummm let's
see I'll go through the week backwards. pday (yesterday) we played
bball with the elders quorom in the Branch then we went with our
mission leader and his family to "the flats" we ate lunch on the beach
with them. We were there on high tide but during low tide there's
supposedly just tons of mud because of the tide change being so big
it goes way out. So it was a good day even though it was a holiday ha.
Oh Sunday we went to Wasilla to work with some Spanish people up
there. That was the closest to a road trip I've been on for a while.
40 miles ha. So that was pretty cool. Elder Thorne taught someone from
Spain and I taught someone from Guatemala. Oh yeah we're trying to
pick up little phrases from different countries so our Spanish would
be like a muts ha. We teach people from The Dominican Republic, Puerto
Rico, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Peru, Colombia, El Salvador,
Mexico (of course) and Spain ha we've met others from other places but
yeah it's pretty cool hearing the differences in the way they speak.
Even if I have no idea what it means ha. We found a lot of new people
this week. Including a couple different ones that seem really willing
to act and learn but don't live here for more than the summer. But
yeah, the works going pretty well this week. With some people
we're having a real tough time getting in contact and having lessons
but we have enough people now that we're always busy. Oh transfer
calls are this Saturday. We already pretty much know we'll be staying
here for at least another transfer. It's weird that elder Thorne and I
are the same age on the mission. We're working on our eleventh month
now. We're almost real missionaries! Oh somebody that we just met told
me I had good Spanish the other day. I got pretty excited. Of course
this is before he had very much time to judge how well I speak but
still I'm progressing! ha So yeah the weeks been good. And this one
should be as well. We're going back to Wasilla and already have a few
lessons set. Oh and we're organizing a fireside for the Branch trying
to get them really into the work. It's hard since there are only like
6 or 7 people that can come with us to lessons and stuff. But we're
really trying to work with them and their missionary efforts. So yeah
I hope things keep being exciting for you guys back in the lone star
state. I feel weird saying this but I kind of miss the heat. But
anyways Alaska is beautiful the people are awesome the work is great
the gospel is true. All is well in Zion.

Monday, May 28, 2012

5-28-12 Email from Elder Tellez

Hello, How is life up there in the freezing cold? It is amazingly hot here. Well abpve 100 degrees. On the positive side, I am so tired at night that I sleep like a baby. I recieved the money and it was just 100 dollars. I haven't recieved the package yet but it is way too soon. Have I already told you that my white pants are in Isla? Well, they are, haha. For that, I am wearing those nasty zip up things. I really want to buy new pants, but I'm sure they are really expensive and then byebye money. I'm good with the nasty zipper ones. We have a baptism tomorrow, haha, pure children. Tomorrow we will be baptizing a girl. She wants to do it tomorrow because it is her 9th birthday. So, Bianca will be living above the garage, cool. That means that means that both garages are ours, ok, one is Bianca's but yeah. I haven't recieved an email from her.....I'm sitting here with many questions unanswered. I had some Little Caesar pizza this past week, ahhhhhhhhhh I felt like crying, haha. Good stuff I tell ya. I feel so much better with my hair cut. Wow, I'm about to complete 9 months. I want pics of Bianca's new room when she moves in. Haha, that means that she has her own grass to cut. She could buy a machete and do it like we do it here, haha. I am enjoying the blessings of being a missionary, I really am, but I sweat sooo much, it is like it is raining on me all of the time. My shirts have changed from off-white to yellow. Not much to talk about today, sorry. Thank you for the quotes and scriptures gramma. I love you all. Oh, mama, I don't remember the elder you are talking about, like before, may I see a photo. That is all. I love you all.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Elder Waddell 5/23/12

Hey! I'm doing well. How're you guys? last monday ever huh? that's
pretty exciting i guess. Graduation here was like a week or two ago.
But that's probably because winter starts in September here ha. They
got to make the best of the summer. Man I miss the month of May back
home. Everybody running around and you always have somewhere to be.
But I guess as a missionary you always have somewhere to be as well
ha. Oh random thought. sooo as a missionary i'm realizing how
disgustingly unhealthy sweets are. I'm about to make an oath to never
eat them except at members houses. so If you send me a package please
help me prevent myself from fattening up ha. so just a thought ha Man
I bet the girls are excited to get out of school. They complained
about it enough growing up ha. I remember when I realized I kind of
missed the structure of going to school all day with at least a few
friends and not having to worry about anything other than homework. ha
But I would never go back to high school. I'm surprised I made it out
of there without messing up more than i did. I was pretty dumb ha Yeah
Megan needs to stay in BYUH at least for a year after I'm back there.
But she needs to do dance stuff. Well this week just like normal was
fast but looking back it seems like everything was so long ago. So
there were 4 Spanish elders in the Branch but president decided to
close the west side. So now Elder Thorne (Espina) and I cover all of
Anchorage. So the rest of this transfer will be interesting. There
will be a lot more driving now. We're having a hard time trying to
figure out how to get the Branch here really excited about the work so
we can start getting people that they know. Because right now it's not
even like a realy branch. They don't have their own primary or youth
programs. It's pretty much just sacrament in spanish with everybody
who's not an adult going to the ward next door for sunday school.
We're looking for some miracles here. We had stake conference and the
day before missionary training with an area authority and member of
the 70 and it was Awesome....but none of the branch was there. so
there's a good chance it won't help us at all. Because it was a bishop
and ward mission leader training. But things are looking better with
the people we're teaching and that's a good sign. That might even help
excite the Branch. Hopefully the other area closing will be a little
of a wake-up call for some of them. But it's hard because I feel like
they're all trying but they all seem to work sooooo much. The majority
of the people we work with have at least 2 jobs. That doesn't help too
much with the coming to church thing. But we've been getting a lot of
good training from people recently and I think that's helping us
become more effective with the time we do have with them so eventually
we will have done our jobs and it's all up to agency from there. One
of the trainings helped us focus our work and our purpose. All of this
work is about helping people gain access to the Atonement. Without the
ordinances they can't. Plain and simple. So that's the message we're
trying to get accross to everyone. members included. and I guess
ourselves included as well. Yeah so that's about what's going on.
Things are looking up here. I hope things are exciting there. I love
you all. All is well in Zion.

Elder Waddell

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Email from Elder Tellez in Coatzintla 5-14-12

We had a wonderful Skype session with him Sunday night for Mother's Day. He talked about his A/C, so I decided to include the pic he sent of it...lol...
HI again, How is everybody doing? I hope good. We went to Walmart today. It looks the same as an american Walmart, but it looks alot nicer or newer and it is inside of a mall. Also, there are a bunch of things that you wouldn't find in one in America and they are missing alot of things that you would normally find in America, but it's all good. 7 more months and we will talk again, I hope the Mission president of Xalapa will let us skype. Oh, his name is President Lopez I think. He is only 45 more or less, really young. Well President Treviño is pretty young too. I am incredibly hungry, haha. So, about the Dr Martins, they are perfectly fine and they will last my whole mission it is just that the inside tears up my heel. Did Nyah color her hair or is it just naturally changing, if so than I'm jealous, haha. So, I'm thinking that I will be training a new missionary this next transfer (in June) which means that I will have to be with him for 2 transfers which will mean that I will be in Coatzintla still when I celebrate my 1 year mark. I'm sorry, I found it hard to talk yesterday. I don't know if it was the fact that I was speaking english for a change or what, but I just really couldn't talk.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Elder Everett Escobar  5/7/2012


This week was alright, no investigators at church but that's okay. We can try for next Sunday. Well we were finally able to get back with Jade and Jean and get them back on track, they have had a few bumps/detours /: We met with Suzanne she is doing well, she was going to have eye surgery on Monday but that didn't work out. Danny seems okay but we think that he may have a question or concern about something. Witerland is still progressing. Yesterday we met with the Ramsay family, they're great, they are a part member family. Brother Ramsay is not a member and he has been coming to church for 20 years! He has not read The Book of Mormon. The Ramsays' are going through a trying time, financially, in their lives and it seems like Brother Ramsay is opening up a little bit. We had a great time with them and you could definitely feel the Spirit. 

To tell you the truth the past weeks just feel like a blur, it's going by way too fasssssstttttttt. It's crazy! But we have had good experiences talking to members and with people on the streets. Oh and answering you question. There's not very much to do in Waltham, compared to the Boston area alone. There is only one busy/interesting street in Waltham, it's not really a touristy spot. However, some good things have happened this week, well maybe I shouldn't say good haha. This week I found out that I don't fit into my spare slacks anymore and yesterday I found that my belt broke so I will get those things. Oh and I am working on my Spanish as well, I have continuously been trying to BASICALLY (as in basic) speak with people on the streets and in neighborhoods and I want to get a greater understanding. I can introduce myself and give them a pass-along card but that's pretty much it. So I was wondering if I could buy a Spanish Learning book and dictionary with my Wells Fargo card. I will also need some more shower essentials body wash, shampoo, and conditioner. I am sharing with all of the guys in the apartment. 

Unfortunately, we don't have a dinner for next Sunday so Skype might be a no-go /: but I planning on touching base with you in the evening around 6 or 7 my time (: Oh and just out of curiosity what was the turning point for Kenny? What inspired him to finally join? What did the missionaries do? I imagine the Book of Mormon was a big benefactor. 

Well it sounds like the whole family is doing some pretty cool things. Danny kicking rear ends/humbling people and being a missionary at the same time. Aaron excelling in music. Dad campaigning. Grandpa is relaxing at home. Grandma is getting out and about.And Mom is awaiting her long-distance call from her missionary haha. Well Mom hope you feel better, vertigo is a no-no and hope you all have a good week. Oh and I guess I will take more pictures in the area.

Elder Everett Alan Escobar


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Emails from Elder Tellez

He sent this email on April 30th but it didn't go through. So, when he found out that I hadn't heard from him, he re-sent it on May 7th.
Hello, How is everyone? So, I am finally being transferred. Tomorrow I will be going to Poza Rica. I will be senior companion. So more than likely I will be in the new mission unless I get randomly transferred before, haha. Anything new on that side of the world? I will have a companion that has less time than me, just by one month, haha. He is pretty cool, he was in my zone before he was transferred over there. I will have a ward. Wow, it is so hard to say bye to people after having almost 6 months in that area. Presidente Maza, my branch president was awesome. In the pictures: the Hipolitos (the greatest family ever), this massive family who are getting baptized this saturday :( so I had to take a picture because they are awesome, Olga one of my converts, Poncho the parrot of the Hipolitos, the fan we have in the house that we pimped out with crayons while it was moving (i don't know why but it is fun to stick your hand in the fan, haha), and me flexing for everyone, yup haha. This new area actually has things to do during P-day, so look forward to awesome pictures of pyramids and things. Thanks for the pics everyone. Oh and there are pics of my district, the greatest in the world!!!!! I want contacts haha. I really wish there was some way that I could recieve money from home. I need new shoes. My boots are fine but they tear up my feet. My nice shoes are absolutely dead, haha, they have no soul, haha. Also in my area I will have a Little Caesar and Burger Kings, Mcdonalds, Walmarts, and other things like that. I have a coupon for Burger King that I got in a bag of chips for a whopper jr. Well time is up. Love you all!!!!!
This is the regular weekly email he sent on May 7th.
Hello again, So some of the pictures are not all there this past email. I sent it again and I hope you got it. I might even get in trouble. I have a huge headache and I'm sick again. I can't send photos because this computer is ignorant. What luck I had, haha. So, my new companion, Elder García, think about Aaron Escobar back in the day with his hiperness, haha. I won't lie, it was an incredibly difficult week trying to get along with him. But now we are getting along. My area is a place called Coatzintla. It is part of Poza Rica, but it isn't. My area is huge and so spaced out it is so difficult to learn, oh yeah, there is no map in the house, haha. The ward is nice and awesome. Sunday after church, we had choir practice, because soon we will have our ward conference. It is funny, but here, the men sing better than the women, haha. Today in the morning while we were in Poza Rica just after we ate some Burger King, Elder García recieved a called that tomorrow he is going to Coatzamalaupan (or however you spell it) which is in south Veracruz like an hour from Isla. My new companion will be Elder Ramirez, whom, I think they told me, ends his mission in June. So, I think I will get bumped back down to junior companion. But it's all good, haha. Because of the fact that I have to go to Veracruz with Elder García and later return to Poza Rica, which is 5 hours one way, I now don't have money. But I will live, don't worry. Oh yeah, the house is two stories, but small, and has AC in the bedroom. I will be sure and take pictures for next week. Gramma, black socks, preferably tough-like because I have holes in all of my socks. Foodwise, anything american, please, haha. The mailing address is the same, the address that you should have is to the offices in Veracruz. I still haven't cashed the checks, but I will talk to the president. Ok, that is all of the time I have. Time to rest a little and regain some strength. I love you all!!!!!
He sent this later that day. It was titled: "Ohhhhhh, I forgot"
This sunday at 8:40 more or less, we are going to talk. We might not Skype, but I hope so. This computer accept my camera. Enjoy the pics.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Elder Waddell 4-30-12

Hey. So this week has been about the norm. Not that great as far as teaching and stuff but not all that bad either. It seems reeeaaaallly long though. When I remember that Elder Samuelson was with us this week it makes it seem like forever ago. But it was just a couple of days. We got to go to the temple on Tuesday. So that was great. I really needed it. That's where we said goodbye to Elder Samuelson then we were off to the normal work! Elder Samuelson being gone has been good for my Spanish to the extent that now I teach a lot more in the lessons since there are just two of us. So that's good. Oh yeah I gave a talk in church yesterday. I found out the reason I shouldn't prepare a talk with a lot of things to read and stuff. I take fooorreevvver. But it wasn't too bad. Oh and yeah I got the stamp and the box thanks! I got another nametag yes but I still wear the other ones all the time. I just wear the Valdes one to specific places. About the Spanish music,  I guess you can send hymns but I meant more of just church type music that's in Spanish. I don't have the opportunity to look for music ha. Oh and I meant do you know who Indalecio's parents are. Okay well back to this week. hmmm. Well I don't think we really had any adventures. One of our investigators is supposedly in the Dominican Republic for the next month. So that's no fun. The weather is fantastic here right now. It has sprinkled once since I've been here. Recently it's in the 50's to 60's and sunny. The sun is coming up at 6:30am and going down completely around 10pm. So that's nice. We're trying to decide if the Branch should stay split in two areas or if we should combine it again. At this point one area could handle all the work that's happening. And supposedly they need Spanish speakers in Sitka and Dutch Harbor. So we'll see what happens. So things are going well. I'm learning, I'm growing, trying to help others do the same thing you know. Sorry this one is short. All is well in Zion.

Elder Waddell

Elder Everett Escobar    4/30/2012

I'm am doing fairly well on this fine and dandy morning, here in Waltham, Massachusetts. Wow Dad's doing a lot, building houses, working in his career and in church, keeping an eye on 2 squirrely boys, and campaigning for 2 people, hmmm. Is he campaigning for Mitt as well? haha. 5 lawn jobs in 3 days, Aaron's just racking up the dough, huh? Well it's good that Danny's medicine is working and he's getting better at taking pills, I guess he's not as much of a sour-pup as I was. 

So the Ramos family is in church again, that name sounds very familiar. Maybe the Liberty missionaries were talking about them with me before I left....oh wait I remember the Ramos family, I went with the missionaries and visited them one time, they are a nice family. That's great! Wow, Uncle Travis is getting pretty high up there in the Mickey D's business, before we know it he will be the CEO of the McDonalds Corporation, okay probably not. Assistant Manager, sounds pretty good though. Holy Cow! The Stake Center is almost done, wow, I have been gone for a while. That's crazy...Yes you should send me pictures in general, not just the stake center but of everyone else too.
Well this week wasn't as inspiring in a sense like last week, but had some good experiences. We met with Witerland twice this week and she mentioned to us some of the goals that she has made for herself. She said that she wants to get baptized, then she wants to keep coming to church and progress in the gospel, and then she said that she wants to go on a MISSION! I was impressed and excited at the same time. She speaks Haitian-Creole and English very well, she moved over here right after the earthquake in Haiti. However, she is deciding whether she should go to the Haitian ward or our ward, if she decides to go to the Haitian ward then we will have to pass her off to the Haitian Creole-speaking missionaries ): oh well, if that happens at least I can say that I helped. 

We met with Suzanne this week, she hasn't really been feeling good she's diabetic and is always fighting a low blood sugar so she didn't make it to church on Sunday. However, when we met with her, her daughter was there (she was visiting from Nashua, New Hampshire). It was funny because when we walked up to the door, she kind of shrieked in fear because she thought that we were following her. Apparently, she saw the missionaries in Nashua earlier that day haha. 

We met with Sam and yes he's Catholic and he's from India. Trust me there are many people here with weird/outlandish experiences and views. We started reading the Book of Mormon with him and he said that he will read it throughout the week so we will see what happens. So in total we had 0 investigators at church on Sunday /: oh well let's try for next week. 

Okay so Mother's Day is indeed coming up...I plan on using Skype because that's what you said that you wanted me to do (Mother's orders), but I don't know as of right now where I will be on Mother's Day. That's a mystery that I will have to find out and get back to you on...so till next week.

Elder Everett Alan Escobar