We have 4 outstanding young men in our small ward in Liberty, Texas that have been called to serve a mission. It will be fun to have our ward family follow their experiences through this blog. Elder Clegg left July 20,2011 for the Idaho, Pocatello mission, Elder Waddell left July 27, 2011 for the Alaska, Anchorage Spanish speaking mission, Elder Escobar left in August for the Massachusetts, Boston mission, and Elder Tellez left September 14, 2011 for the Mexico, Veracruz Spanish speaking mission. We are so very excited that these fine young men have chosen to serve the Lord.

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Friday, May 11, 2012

Elder Everett Escobar  5/7/2012


This week was alright, no investigators at church but that's okay. We can try for next Sunday. Well we were finally able to get back with Jade and Jean and get them back on track, they have had a few bumps/detours /: We met with Suzanne she is doing well, she was going to have eye surgery on Monday but that didn't work out. Danny seems okay but we think that he may have a question or concern about something. Witerland is still progressing. Yesterday we met with the Ramsay family, they're great, they are a part member family. Brother Ramsay is not a member and he has been coming to church for 20 years! He has not read The Book of Mormon. The Ramsays' are going through a trying time, financially, in their lives and it seems like Brother Ramsay is opening up a little bit. We had a great time with them and you could definitely feel the Spirit. 

To tell you the truth the past weeks just feel like a blur, it's going by way too fasssssstttttttt. It's crazy! But we have had good experiences talking to members and with people on the streets. Oh and answering you question. There's not very much to do in Waltham, compared to the Boston area alone. There is only one busy/interesting street in Waltham, it's not really a touristy spot. However, some good things have happened this week, well maybe I shouldn't say good haha. This week I found out that I don't fit into my spare slacks anymore and yesterday I found that my belt broke so I will get those things. Oh and I am working on my Spanish as well, I have continuously been trying to BASICALLY (as in basic) speak with people on the streets and in neighborhoods and I want to get a greater understanding. I can introduce myself and give them a pass-along card but that's pretty much it. So I was wondering if I could buy a Spanish Learning book and dictionary with my Wells Fargo card. I will also need some more shower essentials body wash, shampoo, and conditioner. I am sharing with all of the guys in the apartment. 

Unfortunately, we don't have a dinner for next Sunday so Skype might be a no-go /: but I planning on touching base with you in the evening around 6 or 7 my time (: Oh and just out of curiosity what was the turning point for Kenny? What inspired him to finally join? What did the missionaries do? I imagine the Book of Mormon was a big benefactor. 

Well it sounds like the whole family is doing some pretty cool things. Danny kicking rear ends/humbling people and being a missionary at the same time. Aaron excelling in music. Dad campaigning. Grandpa is relaxing at home. Grandma is getting out and about.And Mom is awaiting her long-distance call from her missionary haha. Well Mom hope you feel better, vertigo is a no-no and hope you all have a good week. Oh and I guess I will take more pictures in the area.

Elder Everett Alan Escobar


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