We have 4 outstanding young men in our small ward in Liberty, Texas that have been called to serve a mission. It will be fun to have our ward family follow their experiences through this blog. Elder Clegg left July 20,2011 for the Idaho, Pocatello mission, Elder Waddell left July 27, 2011 for the Alaska, Anchorage Spanish speaking mission, Elder Escobar left in August for the Massachusetts, Boston mission, and Elder Tellez left September 14, 2011 for the Mexico, Veracruz Spanish speaking mission. We are so very excited that these fine young men have chosen to serve the Lord.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Email for John on 3-6-12 title: "Hello, Is it me you're looking for?"

Getting this email on Tuesday instead of Monday was very nerve wracking. It was all I could do to not email his Mission President asking what happened...lol...I think he likes his birthday present I sent him. The Plan of Salvation teaching aid in Spanish :-) I can't believe he got the package so soon....Enough about me...lol...Here's John....

Hello again, I am alive and still kicking, haha.

So, I recieved the package this past Wednesday. That must be a world record or something, haha, less than a month. Yesterday, the whole town didn't have Internet or cell phones, so I couldn't write. But, here I am, haha. Gramma, the reason why we only had rice was because we were poor and didn't have money therefore, we couldn't buy groceries. But, we recieved money this past Wednesday and yesterday, we went to the Bodega Aurerra (an incredibly, small, offspring of Walmart). Now we have food, I bought my own food because E. Lastra buy things like rice and crackers. I bought stuff like yogurt, cereal, canned fruit, Cambell's soup, kool-aid, things like that, of course I looked for the cheapest brands, haha. I probably will be in this same area for another month or so. Once I am transferred, I hope to go north. I'm glad the gumbo was great, I really want some. Mama, you don't have to send a package soon, you can wait for a couple of months. I don't want you all to spend money to send a package right after you sent another. Thank you. Ok, now I recognize the elder that was there in Liberty almost 2 years ago. The translation of my spanish is: The time has gone. Now I am going to eat. See ya later. Have a good one. Be careful. I love you. Haha, that crazy translator. Now I must be going, because my companion decided that he would want to only write for 30 min, not the usual hour. Love you all, send many emails and pics. Bye -Elder Tellez

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