We have 4 outstanding young men in our small ward in Liberty, Texas that have been called to serve a mission. It will be fun to have our ward family follow their experiences through this blog. Elder Clegg left July 20,2011 for the Idaho, Pocatello mission, Elder Waddell left July 27, 2011 for the Alaska, Anchorage Spanish speaking mission, Elder Escobar left in August for the Massachusetts, Boston mission, and Elder Tellez left September 14, 2011 for the Mexico, Veracruz Spanish speaking mission. We are so very excited that these fine young men have chosen to serve the Lord.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Email from Elder Tellez 1-9-12

How is everything?

We finally had another baptism. It was also the first baptism I conducted because E. Lastra was doing the baptism. Something strange happened to my camera and memory card and all of my pics (300 of them!!) were all deleted. Luckly I sent most to you, but there were some others, like some in the MTC. Oh well, now I have room for more. I am glad your week was, well, normal. Yay, today we are going to eat seafood and then get our haircuts, I will send pictures next week. I finally got that package from the ward. Please thank the Devereaux's, Stewart's, Clegg's, Escobar's, Clark's, Nyah, some child who didn't put a name, well, thank the whole ward, haha. Wow, Jeremy was released, he was in that calling forever. That is funny that Shane is there now, just switched Devereaux's. What is Jeremy doing now? I sent ya'll pictures of the house. Thank you for the emails!! Bianca, that would be cool if you were a manager, I tried as soon as I graduated to be the assistant, but Brittany was instead (wrong choice, haha). I wish I could tell you my favorite scripture, but I love them all. I could list some though: Eccl. 3(the entire chapter), 3 Nephi 11, Moroni 7, John 3:16-17 of course, James 1:5, Alma 56, Alma 57:21, Mosiah 1-4, D&C 25:12, 3 Nephi 27:7-8, 3 Nephi 18:1-12 & 19-21, ok, it might be easier to say the whole Book of Mormon. Mama, Gramma, Josh, & Nyah, what is your favorite scripture? The words of a living prophet is also one of my favorite scriptures as well, it is great, I love all of President Monson's messages and talks. Time to go, I love you all. Send me emails, lots and lots of emails. -Elder Téllez

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